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E3 2019 News Recap & Rewatch: Google Stadia Connect -- Price, Games, Release Date Revealed

Here's everything we learned about Stadia's games, launch, price, and more.


E3 2019 is tantalizingly close now, and Google has finally unveiled its plans for the video game industry during its Stadia Connect event--a presentation that was effectively its E3 press conference. Google revealed some important details about the new service, including price and release date. It also announced the games that will be available on the service when it launches. While a bunch of leaks spoiled several of the more notable surprises, it was still exciting to hear about Baldur's Gate III (coming from Larian Studios, the acclaimed developer of Divinity: Original Sin), Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and plans for cross-saves in the latter.

In terms of details about the Stadia service, we learned about its subscription service, Stadia Pro; a Founder's Edition that allows you to access Stadia at launch; and what kind of experience you can expect based on your internet speed. While the aforementioned Destiny 2 and Baldur's Gate III announcements weren't the biggest games shown, we also heard about some other brand-new games (including a new Darksiders) and learned that Rockstar is onboard as a developer. Whether that means GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, or something else, however, remains unknown, as no specific Rockstar games were confirmed for Stadia.

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We've got a roundup of all the Stadia games confirmed, but read on for a look at all of the biggest news from the event or check out our Stadia pre-order guide. We also have a rundown on what Stadia can do out of the box--there has been some uncertainty about what will be available at launch, and the Connect event provided a clearer understanding of how Stadia will operate in 2019.

How To Watch Stadia Event

Google Stadia Connect aired through Google's own Stadia YouTube channel. You can also check out the replay of the entire event through the video at the top of this post.

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Baldur's Gate 3

The first announcement out of the gate came from Larian Studios, the acclaimed developer behind Divinity: Original Sin. Confirming the leaks, it was revealed to be working on Baldur's Gate III. We saw a cinematic trailer and then heard about how the project came together.

Stadia Pro

Google will offer a premium version of Stadia known as Google Stadia Pro that enables 4K video in the games you play. It will also include free access to a selection of games and "exclusive" discounts. It will cost $10 per month.

Stadia Founder's Edition

To initially get access to Stadia, you'll have to purchase the Founder's Edition. For $129, you get a Chromecast Ultra, controller, three months of Stadia Pro, and a few other perks.

Stadia Controllers

Stadia again showcased its dedicated controllers for Stadia, including some colors and their prices. These work with a variety of devices and are priced at $70.

Stadia Internet Speed Requirements

Google VP Phil Harrison discussed how fast your internet has to be to use Stadia. Even with a 10 Mbps connection, you'll be able to get at least a 720p/60 FPS experience, according to Google, although higher speeds will enable 4K and HDR. For more, check out our rundown on Stadia internet speed requirements.

Mortal Kombat 11 And Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Fighting games are among the most important to have a lag-free experience, and at least two will be available to test out Stadia's capabilities. Mortal Kombat 11 and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid are both coming to Stadia.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, The Division 2

The upcoming Tom Clancy game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, is coming to Stadia. The open-world co-op game was revealed recently, ahead of E3, as a sequel to Wildlands. Also coming to the platform is The Division 2, which joins one of the first games confirmed for the service: Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Destiny 2 Included In Stadia Pro, Allows Character Transfer

Destiny 2 was not only confirmed for Stadia, but the complete version of the game will also be included with Stadia Pro for a limited time. That includes the new DLC and annual pass. Additionally, you'll be able to transfer your existing character from other platforms--although this has only been confirmed for PC and Xbox One. Sony apparently has not yet given the go-ahead for PS4 transfers.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep And New Annual Pass

Beyond the fact that Destiny 2 will be available on the platform, Google's Stadia Connect event was home to the unveiling of the new DLC. Just as the leaks suggested, this was revealed to be Shadowkeep, which launches Fall 2019 and will apparently focus on Eris Morn and take players back to the moon. In addition to this DLC, there will be a new Annual Pass.

Rockstar Confirmed As A Stadia Dev

While we didn't get any specific games announced, Google has confirmed Rockstar will support Stadia. That could mean a version of Grand Theft Auto V or something older, though no doubt fans will be hoping this finally means a way to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. At this point, however, we don't know what to expect.

Borderlands 3

Among the big-name games slated for consoles and PC that's coming to Stadia is Borderlands 3. It will be available on Stadia as soon as the service launches.

New Darksiders Game

THQ Nordic has continued to announce new games this week, and the latest is a new Darksiders game called Darksiders Genesis. This is a different sort of game than fans of the series are accustomed to, as it features an isometric perspective reminiscent of Diablo.


Another of the brand-new games revealed during the Stadia event was Gylt, from the developers of Rime, Tequila Works. It looks to be an atmospheric, haunting adventure/puzzle game of sorts.

Get Packed

Yet another new game for Stadia is Get Packed. It appears to be an over-the-top, physics-based multiplayer game almost like Gang Beasts.

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