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E3 2019: Marvel's Avengers Game Gets Its First Trailer, But It's Still Unclear What That Game Actually Is

It's an action game...?


During E3 2019, Square Enix finally revealed a trailer for the long-awaited Marvel's Avengers game. The trailer had some gameplay, but it's still very unclear what type of game Marvel's Avengers is.

The game's been previously marketed as an action game, and there are definitely moments of explosive action and combat in the trailer. We see Iron Man dodge missiles and fire his repulsers at tanks, Hulk smash those same tanks, and Thor calling down the lightning and crushing people with Mjolnir. Captain America and Black Widow even get a few moments where they take out some enemy grunts.

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So there is action, but it all seems rather scripted. It's a bit difficult to tell where the gameplay moments end and the cutscenes begin. Frankly, the trailer is reminiscent of Order: 1886. Which isn't bad necessarily, but that didn't seem to be the type of game that Square Enix had advertised before tonight. In a panel description for Marvel's Avengers, the game was described as "the defining Avengers gaming experience: an epic action-adventure."

But that adventure seems restricted to a single forward plane. The characters aren't moving around a space. The trailer suggests the Avengers are each confined to tackling enemies and obstacles in a very specific order. Hopefully, we'll have a much better understanding of what Marvel's Avengers is when we see it at E3 this week.

The story was a bit more clear at least. The trailer showcases Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow become ostracized from society after failing in a mission that costs the lives of innocents. However, the world still needs avenging and so the group decides to unite one more time. They're joined by other ex-Avengers, such as Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellow Jacket/Goliath.

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