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E3 2019: Jedi Fallen Order's Protagonist Teams Up With Rogue One Hero

Familiar galaxy, brand-new story.


EA kicked off its annual EA Play livestream with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order this year, releasing a trailer that showcases the game's "thoughtful" lightsaber combat. The story in Fallen Order was also further fleshed out, and further connected to the events seen in Rogue One.

We already know Fallen Order follows Cal Kestis, a Jedi padawan that never finished his Jedi Knight training. The story takes place right after Order 66, set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Cal is in hiding from the Galactic Empire as a salvager on the Outer Rim until he's found out as a Force user (we also got a look at what Force abilities Cal has at his disposal). Now on the run, Cal seeks helps from the masked Second Sister--one of Darth Vader's skilled Jedi-hunting Inquisitors--and the Purge Troopers that now seek to kill him. And he gets it, from a surviving Jedi Knight.

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Today, we learned a little bit more. Specifically, we see Cal aiding Saw Gerrera. Saw looks a lot older than his appearance in the Rebels animated series and closer to his age in Rogue One. However, he's not hooked up to nearly as many life-supporting devices or outfitted with as many prosthetics as we see in the movie. So Fallen Order takes place close to the events of Rogue One, but far enough away from it that the Rebellion's war with the Empire hasn't taken a toll on Saw yet. As a result, we might see a young Jyn Erso in Fallen Order. During EA Play, Respawn also announced that Cal would not be wrestling with the light and dark like in many past Star Wars RPGs.

Developed by Respawn--the studio behind the critically acclaimed Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends--Fallen Order is an entirely single-player game with no microtransactions--a welcome surprise for an EA published title. Respawn announced the Titanfall project it's working on has been delayed to 2020 at the earliest so that the focus for this year can remain on Fallen Order and Apex Legends: Season 2. Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords and Fallout: New Vegas writer Chris Avellone (who is also one of the writers for Fallen Order) has said story is "very important" for Respawn when it comes to the new Star Wars game.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 15.

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