E3 2019: How Much Does The Google Stadia Pro Subscription Cost?

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Since it was first announced earlier this year, there have been some major questions lingering about Google Stadia, the upcoming cloud game streaming service. Many of those were finally answered just before E3 2019 this week. The Stadia Connect event on June 6 delivered more of the information that will make or break the service at launch, which we now know is coming in November 2019. The service will release in a limited capacity and expand next year with a two-tiered strategy. One of these tiers includes a subscription, but what is it and what does it include?

The subscription plan is called Stadia Pro, and it will cost $10 per month. It includes access to a selection of free games, discounts on full game purchases, and all games will run in 4K at 60fps with 5.1 surround sound. The only announced free game so far is full access to Destiny 2 with all of its add-ons, including the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion. Google hasn't detailed how many games will be included with a subscription at launch, or how often new games will be added.

At launch, Stadia access will only be available by purchasing the Founder's Edition. This comes with a three-month subscription Stadia Pro, which will become available to buy separately at a later date. The Founder's Edition also includes a Buddy Pass that gifts three months to a friend, a Chromecast Ultra, and a limited-edition controller. The Founder's Edition will cost $130.

Pre-order Stadia Founder's Edition now »

A Stadia Pro subscription will be the only way to play Stadia at first, but not forever. A separate Stadia Base service will launch in 2020. That service will be free, but all games will have to be purchased a la carte. The resolution and sound quality will be slightly diminished too, at a max of 1080p and stereo sound. It won't include a Chromecast Ultra, but you can play on any Chrome browser or a Pixel 3 or 3a phone.

For more details on Google Stadia, check out what we learned about pricing, release date, and more, including its game lineup. Excitingly, those titles include the newly announced Baldur's Gate III.

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Avatar image for ivanov70

Welcome to Onlive 2.0

Avatar image for Vodoo

This will appeal to parents or families that can't afford a $500 console, with $60 games, for their kids. It'll be able to play most of the same games at a much cheaper price. Obviously the cheaper model next year will be more in line with this, but they always sell the more expensive version first.

Aside of that, I may pre-order this as a collectors item. Or sell it on ebay, lol.

Avatar image for PredOborG


I really don't think people who can't afford a $500 console, with $60 games will also have a fast enough internet for this to work properly. I mean for the US specifically where internet costs are insane. EU still has good speeds for not to much money. No idea about Asia though where most companies want to operate.

Avatar image for Vodoo

@PredOborG: A lot of people in the US have become cord-cutters. They ditch the cable TV and cable boxes for a higher internet speed with cheap monthly streaming services. Doing that saves almost $200/month (between your tv package and box rental fees of $10/month PER cable box). Even so, the base internet for most of the US is 50Mbps down. Well within Stadia's requirements. The up may be different in places. Ours starts at 10.

I'm a field supervisor for a cable company in NY and to go from 50 to 100 Mbps is a difference of $5/month. Much cheaper than paying over $100 just for cable and a few boxes. Google also rolled out their own fiber in limited parts of the country for extremely cheap prices and high speeds.

Obviously this won't fit everybody's criteria, especially rural areas. But if you have a few kids and want to get them a game console that has everything but the exclusives, a cord-cutting household fits the narrative.

Avatar image for imajinn

Anyone who is going to play Destiny 2 already owns it. This isn't going to make anyone jump up to run and get it. Then there is discounts on full game purchases.

Who is going to buy a full game on a streaming service? X pass is a much better thing than this will ever be.

And now with Sony and MS partnering, I don't see how this thing will even be or stay relevant. I just don't see any giant must have exclusives that will be on Stadia to top it off.

Then there's connection speed. That's a whole nother story.

Avatar image for Random_Matt

So they are forcing subscriptions by making the base model dogshit.

A complete rip off anyway, that $10 will simply be £10 where I am.

Avatar image for waltc

@Random_Matt: Just as I thought--it's going to be stillborn--a dud. I also wonder if the so-called "4K" streaming is just scaled-up low res. Lots of unanswered questions, of course.

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

@waltc: 4K on Netflix isn’t as good as 4K on my sky q so I’m not thinking it’ll be 100% 4K like with physical games

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

$9.99 a month you get a bunch of old games but have to pay full price for new ones. The $120 founders edition just to get the controller, Destiny 2 and the google dongle is a joke though, I near burst out laughing when he said the founders edition was worth up to $300. At least you can reserve your name early though I think I'll call myself "videogameninja" jk.

Avatar image for videogameninja

While the price point for the regular subscription seems more than worth the asking price Stadia doesn’t really seem to do much in the way of winning over gamers that perhaps have already settled on some of the other big name consoles.

In order to win over gamers I feel Stadia needed to give gamers a reason to abandon ship in favor of their new service. Exclusives are a great way to do such a move but unfortunately it just seems like Stadia is another 3rd party streaming option and one that won’t really convert droves of gamers already comfortable with their Ps4/5, NeXt Box, or Nintendo Switch (Don’t even get me started with the PC gamers.).

Is there potential for Stadia? Absolutely. Do I see people running out in droves to purchase this service? No.


Avatar image for gfantini

@videogameninja: Most people are looking at this from the wrong angle. Stadia is disruptive tech. And this kind of thing takes time and effort to flourish. But when it does, it kills everything else around.

VR is another good example. Most people have disregarded it when it first came out despite of the pre-launch hype. It's been about 3 years now and the tech has been slowly but surely maturing. Give it another 5 or 10 years and it will be ubiquitous. Google "the hype cycle". Did I just use "Google" as a verb? Yeah…

Same will happen with game streaming. The totally unexpected MS+Sony partnership is a crystal clear indication. These people know the inner workings of the markets. They've watched Kodak fall.

Who'd have said Netflix would kill cable TV when it initially launched? Who'd have said MP3s would kill CDs? And the iPod would kill MP3s? And Spotify would kill the iPod? These are all easy predictions in hindsight, but most people did not see them coming.

Who'd have said Bitcoin would kill the dollar? LOL of course I'm joking on this one. Or am I? :P

Avatar image for kstaggs87

@videogameninja: yeah I think I’ll just stick with PlayStation lol.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@videogameninja: Feels like you'd almost just be better off owning xbox game pass or PS now considering it's just a subscription service for older games. While I honestly wouldn't want to buy a full priced game on this thing since I don't own them.

Avatar image for fround

What kind of internet speed would you need for 1080P-1440P?

Avatar image for khelandros

@fround: 4k at 60fps based on connection, 240p at 15fps expected.

Edit: just found some more info. You’ll need at least 10 Mbps for 720p and 35 Mbps for 4K. Article also said that 168.2 million Americans don't have access to 25Mbps internet.

Avatar image for waltc

@khelandros: It depends--they could be relying on your device to upscale a much lower-res to 4k--say 1080P, in which case 'net requirements would be much less. At any rate, I'll keep my PC, thank you--but no thanks, Google...;)

Avatar image for khelandros

@waltc: Those are hard numbers straight from Google. Your internet will dictate what it looks and plays like.