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E3 2019: Here's What George RR Martin Contributed To Elden Ring

You have Martin to thank for the wider lore.

This week at E3, Dark Souls developer From Software officially announced its next big game, Elden Ring, which it worked on with A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin. But just how involved was Martin the creation of the game?

Speaking to IGN, director Hidetaka Miyazaki explained that he himself wrote Elden Ring's main story, with Martin contributing to the wider mythology and lore. Miyazaki said Martin did not contribute to the game's story because he felt that the format of video games was too limiting for Martin's ambitious storytelling.

"Thanks to Martin's lore, Elden Ring's world and characters naturally have a lot more depth and personality," Miyazaki said.

Miyazaki went on to say that Martin probably will not release a novelization of his contributions to Elden Ring, and that's on purpose because doing so would mean that "all the secrets and mystery that is hidden in our game would be revealed."

Martin himself has always said that he had a support role for Elden Ring. Prior to the game's announcement, Martin said he did some "consulting" work on the game.

While Elden Ring was announced during Microsoft's E3 2019 briefing, the game is also coming to PlayStation 4 and PC.

Elden Ring sees you travel throughout a massive open world, exploring multiple kingdoms that are each ruled by a powerful entity. Defeating said rulers gifts you with their power. The pre-rendered trailer shown at E3 doesn't reveal much else, but it establishes the game's bleak and mysterious tone, which is essential to any From Software game.

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Elden Ring

Elden Ring

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Floppy wieners or no day 1 buy. (But possibly day 2 buy)

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But will it have invading?

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Elden Ring: Now with 300% more incest!

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That sounds good to me. I like From's games. A huge part of that is the storytelling, so I'm happy Miyazaki is doing the broad strokes, he's very good at that.

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Not good news, Miyazaki is great for lore but not for story, Martin is great at writing stories and characters, what a shame he only contributed to the already strong talent of Miyazaki instead of helping him out with his weakness.

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@gzaface: if GRRM had been in charge of the actual story the game would have been indefinitely delayed. It would never have released.

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I would say George RR Martin came in to the developers office, said hello, got some coffee and donuts, said I would have this guy come from an ancient family of ninjas (pointing at an offended director Hidetaka Miyazaki), then took a shit on the conference table and wiped his ass with some loose GoT Benjamins hanging out of his pocket. Signed his check for 1/3 of the game's proceeds and left before 9:50 am.

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@jenovaschilld: Were you there, too!? I got one of the Ben's but afterward the bank wouldn't accept it.

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who is the director for this game?