E3 2019: Halo Infinite Will Release On Xbox One, In Addition To Xbox Project Scarlett (And PC)

Xbox One fans rejoice.

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Now Playing: Halo Infinite Master Chief Trailer | Microsoft Press Conference E3 2019

Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference brought with it a lot of big news, and one of the most notable tidbits was the existence of the previously rumored Xbox Scarlett console. The company also showed off a new trailer for Halo Infinite and confirmed the game would come to Xbox Scarlett in Holiday 2020. However, the publisher did not say at the time whether Infinite would still come to Xbox One and PC, as was previously announced.

Following the conference, Microsoft reassured fans the shooter was indeed coming to its current-gen machine. In a post on the Xbox wire, the official blog's editor-in-chief Will Tuttle listed Halo Infinite for Project Scarlett, Xbox One, and Windows 10.

While Halo Infinite might look and play best on Xbox Scarlett thanks to its super-specs, Microsoft now thinks of the Xbox as a "family" of consoles. The games that play on Xbox One will also play on Xbox Scarlett, and this is true for Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite was shown off for the first time since E3 2018 with its new trailer, but we still haven't seen any gameplay. We subsequently learned the game will stay dark until E3 2020, so we won't be learning much about the game until next year. What we did find out is that the game will focus on Master Chief, whose primary focus will be "mysteries surrounding the appearance of The Pilot and the desolate remains of a Halo ring." Microsoft also reiterated that Infinite runs on 343 Industries' "next-generation" game engine, known as Slipspace.

Halo Infinite and Xbox Scarlett will launch Holiday 2020. A more specific release date was not shared, nor were any further details on what to expect from the game. Take a look at more news from E3 2019--as well as the remaining scheduled press conferences--below.

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Avatar image for Vodoo

MS has some of the dumbest business sense sometimes. That game should be exclusive to the new console for at least 6 months. Especially after this disastrous generation, MS is gonna need to offer a very compelling reason to buy their next machine. MS is under the illusion that people will buy THEIR next console just for the sake of owning it. Hopefully they pull out some crazy launch games next E3 because we already know Sony is gonna have a few heavy hitters of their own.

Avatar image for imajinn

Well that gives zero incentive to buy a new Scarlett console doesn't it? I was listening to party chat, to people ready to buy the new console just because of Halo. I don't see that happening if its on this gen consoles as well.

But I guess we will see what exclusives they offer for Scarlett. A new KI? Maybe Halo gets some things this gen won't be getting? Time will tell.