E3 2019: Division 2's New Expeditions Feature Detailed By Ubisoft

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During Ubisoft's press conference at E3 2019, developer Massive Entertainment shed some light on The Division 2's year-one DLC roadmap. We now know the first year of free content updates will include a series of three-story episodes that will see you venture outside of Washington DC, with the third and final episode even taking you back to New York City, the setting for the first game. Episode one is titled DC Outskirts - Expeditions, and a post on The Division 2's official website has now detailed that core new feature--Expeditions--and what exactly they entail.

Expeditions are, not unlike in Far Cry: New Dawn, free events that let players travel to unexplored locations to discover new narrative and gameplay opportunities. These are different from the episode's new story missions set in Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak, which is a tad convoluted but might speak to the breadth of content available in each episode. A full Expedition site--like the overgrown Kenly College--consists of three locations, each one having a specific theme and tone. As you complete one location, another will open up, with a treasure room full of rewards waiting for you once you've completed all three.

Massive Entertainment says each site will offer unique content and lore not found anywhere else, and it sounds like this DLC will expand upon The Division 2's base gameplay mechanics, with environmental puzzles and unique boss mechanics to contend with. There's an emphasis on exploration, too, as hidden secrets are waiting to be discovered by those who veer off the beaten path.

Once you've completed a full Expedition site, there's an additional challenge layer called The Mastery System. This optional system introduces tailor-made challenges to each location, with players awarded a bronze, silver, or gold rating based on their performance in completing these optional challenges. The higher your rank, the more rewards you gain. This is graded on an individual level, as opposed to groups, so there's a competitive element to progression as the quality of the payout is a direct result of your efforts.

On the face of it, the first episode of The Division 2's DLC seems to be playing to the base game's strengths, offering new locations to explore and exciting ways to unlock more of that sweet, sweet loot.

DC Outskirts - Expeditions is due out in July. Ubisoft will also be opening a Division 2 free trial starting June 13, and the game will be on sale through June 24. If you participate in the free weekend and then purchase the full game you'll keep your progression.

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