E3 2019: Brutal New Doom Eternal Gameplay Trailer Revealed At Bethesda's Conference

"Earth is on the brink of annihilation."

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Now Playing: Doom Eternal Hell Gameplay | Bethesda Press Conference E3 2019

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As part of Bethesda's E3 2019 press conference, the publisher revealed new footage from its much-anticipated Doom sequel, Doom Eternal. Developers Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin announced on stage that the game aims to be the "ultimate power fantasy." Earth is on the brink of annihilation, and demons have overrun the world. You must defeat them all.

As with 2016's Doom, you'll have a variety of mega-powerful weaponry at your disposal with which to dispatch the otherworldly creatures you face. The new trailer and gameplay footage showcases new demons and some kind of ghost dog, as well as a number of what appear to be new environmental traps.

You can check out the new gameplay trailer in the embed above.

There also seems to more color in the world in Doom Eternal compared to the earlier release. A lot of heavy music was shown in the trailer, and, though not confirmed, it sure sounds like Mick Gordon is back to do the music again.

In addition to the new gameplay footage, Bethesda revealed Doom Eternal's release date: November 22. The publisher also showed off Doom Eternal's special Collector's Edition, which comes with a variety of goodies--including an actual Slayer helmet.

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Gotta wonder how Bethesda will mess this one up.

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@Thanatos2k: They better not

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Inc Doom 76 live service announcement. Preorder now and get the official Doom LEATHER jacket, made out of only the finest burlap scraps they could find in the bin at Michaels.

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This game is gonna’ be good.