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E3 2019 - Big Halo Infinite Showing Coming At E3 2020, Microsoft Says

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Sit tight.

Microsoft showcased a new Halo Infinite trailer, "Discover Hope," at E3 this year and confirmed the game will be a launch title for Project Scarlett in Holiday 2020. But there was no gameplay shown, and we really don't know a lot about what to expect from it. So when will we learn more about Microsoft's much-anticipated Xbox and PC game?

Probably not soon.

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In a blog post, Halo Infinite studio head Chris Lee said 2020's E3 will be a "big moment" for Halo Infinite. You should expect Microsoft to keep quiet until then, which keeps in line with a recent comment about Halo Infinite going "dark."

"As for what’s next, E3 2020 will be a big moment for Halo Infinite," Lee said. "Until we reach that destination in 2020, we'll continue to embrace the mystery and wonder of Halo and the endless opportunity and potential of this engine, this hardware and, most of all, this team."

Lee added that it has been "incredibly challenging" to develop Halo Infinite so he and the team were excited to finally share more of it at E3 this week.

Halo Infinite launches in Holiday 2020, but it's not clear if this means the full Halo Infinite release or only the start of the game's public beta. In his blog post, Lee re-affirmed that Microsoft still plans to launch a pre-release beta, or "flight," for Infinite.

"We still intend to support an early flighting program that will give you a way to play the game and provide feedback that will directly impact decisions we make for launch and into the future," he said.

You can sign up for Microsoft's Halo Insider program for a chance to get into the Halo Infinite beta. Halo Infinite will release on Project Scarlett, as well as all of the Xbox One family of consoles. It's also coming to PC.

While Halo Infinite might not release until 2020, Microsoft plans to start the first beta test for Halo: Reach on PC sometime in June. In other news, Microsoft recently announced the pricing details for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC.

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