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E3 2019 Attendance Falls Compared To Last Year

This year's show was smaller.

The numbers are in, and around 66,100 people attended E3 2019. That's a huge number, but it is down by around 3,000 from the 69,200 people who attended E3 2018.

The Entertainment Software Association, which organizes E3, announced that this year's show featured more than 200 exhibitors, and about a fourth of them--or around 50--were attending for the first time.

For comparison, the ESA said E3 2018 also featured more than 200 exhibitors, and it said 85 of them were attending for the first time. Around 3,250 different products were shown off at E3 2018, but the ESA did not say how many were displayed this year.

In 2018, around 15,000 fans attended by purchasing public tickets, but this year the ESA did not say how many fan tickets it sold. 2017's E3 was the first E3 that was open to the public; previously it was an industry and media-only event.

One major difference for E3 2019 is that Sony did not attend for the first time in the event's history. Activision also decided to bow out again. According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, E3 is worse off without them.

E3 2020 returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center June 9-11. That means the show is expected to actually begins on or around June 6 if EA again decides to start its show at the weekend, with Microsoft, Bethesda and others following with their own press conferences before the show floor opens on the Tuesday of E3 week.

E3 2020 is still a long time off, but we already know that Microsoft's Halo Infinite will have a big role at the show. The show takes place a few months before Halo Infinite releases that holiday season with the launch of Project Scarlett.

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Eddie Makuch

Bring back the Whalers.

E3 2019

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Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

At least Nintendo was awesome and surprising this year

Avatar image for zakurin

the 3000 missing, was the total number of playstation fans that attend lol

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

Maybe make gameplay mandatory instead of cinematic trailers that don't tell us what the hell is going on in a game and maybe interest and attendance will both pick up.

Avatar image for nabinator

It seems like we're in the limbo phase between gens right now. We know next gen consoles are the horizon, but info is still limited. We have some awesome titles coming, but a lot of developers are silently investing into the next generation, hence little news (e.g. Beth). Also, lack of Sony's presence (undoubtedly for the same reasons) was going to inevitably impact E3.

Avatar image for alaannn

the reason people might be disinterested is this gen of consoles wasnt that good there wasnt alot of games (entire francises didnt release a title this gen gta,elder scrolls etc) and alot of games that released didnt have alot of content compared to previous gens the best things about this gen were backwards compatability and mod support

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

@alaannn: this gen will 100% be remembered as the remaster/remake gen.

Avatar image for alaannn

@WhoIsTheDrizzle: some of the best games this gen were remaster (skyrim,mods gta,first person) they just didnt release anything else

Avatar image for drmattesoo

Well I must say, this years has been kinda boring. I remember times when they actually revealed something new and I was like .. "What? Nice! Cool! Didnt expect that one!" This years was like .. "Okay, looks fine, meh, ..."
EA told they will skip E3 for "what players wanted" and that would be "more gameplay and livestreams" but we all know they skipped because their conference would be freaking boring with things they announced at EA Play livestream - which is basically nothing.
But I agree, with all that leaks there is nothing to look forward to. Im already hyped for 2020 E3, but please be better and Sony ... as much as I am fan of Xbox, please come back.

Avatar image for alaannn

@drmattesoo: lol i forgot ea did a conference they should try and get all conferences on the same day again,also did they annonce anything good

Avatar image for drmattesoo

@alaannn: Not really, thats why they were not hosting a conference. Just some Star Wars gameplay, FIFA (but actually were talking all the time about new mode Volta - not FIFA itself) , some NFL game and The Sims 4, some BF V and Apex Legends if I recall correctly. Pretty boring.

Avatar image for kstaggs87

I think it’s time for E3 to end. In this day and age with all the “leaks” and most developers wanting to do their own thing as far as press it really relevant anymore?

Avatar image for drmattesoo

@kstaggs87: It is still relevant. You are right everyone is going their own way, but they actually USE the time around E3 to get the most attention. Why EA did their EA Play just days before E3 if they are not on the floor or dont have their own conference? E3 is always time of the year when most gamers are paying attention and companies are using this to promote themselves.
Next thing, youre forgetting about smaller developers. How can they showcase their work if there will be no E3. I think the opposite. Companies should stop doing their own "not E3" conferences and get back to bring back good old E3 as it used to be.

Avatar image for alaannn

@kstaggs87: not everyone checks games news everyday so a big show to annuonce games is good