E3 2018's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Revealed As The New Game From Titanfall Dev

When it comes to E3, EA shot first.

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Now Playing: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Announcement | E3 2018

E3 2018 got its unofficial kickoff on Saturday with the EA Play press conference, where the publisher finally unwrapped the future of one of its Star Wars games currently in development, Jedi Fallen Order. Although there wasn't any video or gameplay footage, Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella was able to offer a few details on the new game in production at his studio, which is best known for the Titanfall series.

Respawn's new Star Wars game is titled Jedi Fallen Order. It will be set between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope, during a period of time when the galaxy was plagued by darkness and the Jedi were being hunted. There are few details on who the protagonist is, but players will assume the role of a surviving Padawan, meaning you'll get to wield a lightsaber. The game is scheduled for release during the holiday season in 2019, but unfortunately we don't have any more ideas about what will set this game apart from.

Late last year, EA shut down Visceral Games and said it would be revamping the single-player Star Wars game it was working on. An open-world game is also planned. No new details on those were shared during EA Play, nor do we know exactly when either one will be released. As for Respawn's other teams, it has two more games in the works, but again, those were not showcased during EA Play.

E3 will continue along tomorrow with press conferences from Microsoft and Bethesda, and then even more to follow on Monday and Tuesday. Follow along with our full schedule to plan your viewing.

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Avatar image for therogerwilco

I think they need to remake Star Wars Galaxies, pre combat upgrade, and make Jedi hunting the sales pitch.

I would love that.

Avatar image for chakan2

Wow...EA (who destroyed Battlefront) and Respawn (who destroyed Titanfall) is bringing you...


Avatar image for lhughey

Id rather have Titanfall 3.

Avatar image for chakan2

@og_gamerzzz: Um...she's good for around 3 billion dollars right now. Solo was just extremely bad timing for a release, between Deadpool and Infinity War...It was a solid movie.

Avatar image for therogerwilco

@chakan2: and you are racist

Avatar image for chakan2

@og_gamerzzz: I wouldnt think Russian bots would show up here, I guess I was wrong.

Avatar image for getshwifty94

Why announce it when disney was just looking to take the star wars license elsewhere?

Avatar image for gameboy8877

Star Wars - Jedi: Fallen Order

I know there was no logo, but use your head; you write stuff for a living.

Avatar image for Kyizen

This confirms no Titanfall 3 ugh.

Avatar image for getshwifty94

Gonna be incredible. He seemed annoyed by her questions

Avatar image for siarhei

@getshwifty94: because he had no answers

Avatar image for getshwifty94

@siarhei: I bet not, it's always awkward when people pressure devs for answers

Avatar image for stev69

Assuming we are even getting the game visceral were working on ( and the only Starwars game I have been looking forward to for years ). If what Respawn is working on, is what has become of that project I'm gonna be really pissed.

Avatar image for getshwifty94

@stev69: that game most likely no longer exists, visceral probably had something tension driven where this sound like an action oriented project. I'm still optimistic but disney is looking to retract the star wars license from EA so this may never even see a release

Avatar image for guardian88

@getshwifty94: Disney looking to retract the license from EA is purely a rumor at this point.

Avatar image for barcaazul

Is there a trailer for this?

Avatar image for deactivated-5b2c8e0382c99

@barcaazul: No. They would’ve said there was...

Avatar image for icing

Titanfall 2 was a solid game, this could be good.

Avatar image for spaced92

@icing: It actually had a very entertaining story. The characters, levels and writing were good. There really aren't many games out there with both Singleplayer and Multiplayer that are hard to complain about. Narrative was a bit dull, but the first game was purely multiplayer after all.

Avatar image for dr_vancouver

Respawn has some chops, Titanfall and Titanfall 2 were awesome. Best news out of the EA camp today if you ask me...

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

I'm loathed to give EA any of my money, and I'm pretty bored of Star Wars as a whole, but a darker themed game coming from Respawn?? My attention you have.

Avatar image for Hoogovens

"It will be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, during a period of time when the galaxy was plagued by darkness and the Jedi were being hunted. There are few details on who the protagonist is, but the player's character is a surviving Padawan who will be able to use a lightsaber."

This would sound far more promising if you played as the bad guys hunting down the remaining jedi.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Hoogovens: Force Awakens already did it. Did you play it?

Avatar image for deactivated-5b2c8e0382c99

@Thanatos2k: The Force Awakens was a movie, not a game. I think you mean Force Unleashed.

Avatar image for therogerwilco

@frosty988: that game was decent

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@frosty988: You're right.

Avatar image for spaced92


It doesn't really make a difference either way from the details we have unless you just wanna play an evil character. The vast majority choose to be good in games anyway.

Avatar image for Hoogovens

@spaced92: I also always play as the "good guys" given the choice. There have just been a ton of Star Wars games where you save the day with a lightsaber against stormtroopers and a sith lord. I don't know if I want just another one of those. It would be nice for a little more variety from that license. Also, knowing the timeline and the ultimate fate is that most of the jedi are hunted down and killed it feels like kind of a bummer to know you'll be stuck on the inevitable losing side.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@Hoogovens: Why do you wanna be so evil in a game?

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@Hoogovens: NOPE.

Avatar image for vfighter

@Hoogovens: Nah, not really.

Avatar image for Sgt-Damain

Does anyone else find cos-players to be really sad, and pathetic?

Avatar image for megagood2345

@Sgt-Damain: Also really sad and pathetic: people who are eager to advertise their dislike of something in search of praise. From strangers.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b2c8e0382c99

@Sgt-Damain: Right there with you. The guys who think they’re hot are very lonely nerds.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@Sgt-Damain: your comment is pathetic

Avatar image for gruoch1

@Sgt-Damain: Nope

Avatar image for aross2004

@Sgt-Damain: God forbid people do something creative. Some of the shit they create is truly amazing.

I find you to be rather sad actually.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Sgt-Damain: It's basically just an amateur more accessible form of modelling, nothing sad or pathetic about it...

Avatar image for crashchaos



Avatar image for santinegrete

@Sgt-Damain: no when they're hot girls. Still not hotter than the direct action bangbros girls show tough :D

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