E3 2018: The Division 2 Battle Royale Mode Isn't Ruled Out

Despite no battle royale for now, there's still plenty of content on the way.


Tom Clancy's The Division 2 maintains the original game's focus on acquiring loot and battling through intense missions with your squad of online players. Set in a lawless Washington D.C., where people are desperate to survive, it seems like the like a fertile setting for an all-out free-for-all game amongst the many players online. With the rise of the battle royale sub-genre, many other games are looking to dive in and try their hand at attracting a new set of players. And that's something Ubisoft is aware of as well.

In our talk with The Division 2's creative director Terry Spier after our hands-on with the game, he spoke about the game's focus on maintaining a consistent experience for all players, while offering a lot of game modes.

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"I love battle royale, but we're not officially having any battle royale [content] at release," said the creative director. "But, I mean, if you look at the Division, Survival was a really well-received mode and we had a lot of fun making it, we had a lot of fun playing it. So I think there's definitely some interesting roots there, but there are no official plans to have battle royale at launch."

The Division 2 looks to maintain the same level of attention on offering many ways to power up and find new gear. While the game's existing PVP mode, the Dark Zones, haven't been talked about yet, the developers claim they've revamped the way players can take part in the action. With the game's scale much larger than the original, and with all content for year 1 available for free, Ubisoft looks quite invested in the future of The Division 2 past its launch.

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