E3 2018: Sony Announces Nioh 2 From Team Ninja With New Trailer

What do you want to see in Nioh 2?

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Now Playing: Nioh 2 Reveal Trailer E3 2018 | PlayStation Press Conference

Sony's E3 2018 press conference was full of surprises, and one such surprise was the announcement of Nioh 2, currently in development for PS4. Team Ninja is once again the developer behind the game, though it's not clear whether Sony will once again publish. Take a look at the debut trailer above.

The first Nioh launched in 2017 for PS4, before later coming to PC. It's unclear whether the sequel will come to any additional platforms beyond just PS4. Its announcement comes as somewhat of a surprise given that Nioh is still such a recent game. Team Ninja had been criticized in recent years, as its recent releases arguably did not live up to the quality of Ninja Gaiden. However, Nioh marked a return to form in the opinion of many.

We enjoyed the first game here at GameSpot, and we awarded it a 9/10 in our Nioh review. Although the spectre of potential failure hangs heavy over any play session, dying in Nioh is never genuinely disheartening," we said. "This is thanks in part to the various avenues of character growth and many approaches you can utilize to tackle a difficult section or boss fight. It shouldn't be surprising that the foresight and patience needed to survive a battle in Dark Souls translates well to the fundamentals of samurai combat here. Nioh's most invigorating and intimidating moments occur when you feel you're at equal footing with your opponent. And it's during these encounters that one careless move can result in your demise or the right string of thoughtful actions can make you feel invincible."

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Avatar image for Thanatos2k

I'm down for it.

Avatar image for Hillsy_

Same here, not completed the first game. Didn't really see anything here of the second game, but good to see it being release in due course.

Avatar image for cejay0813

Still haven't completed the first game.

Avatar image for dkidfrmdbx

Got the Platinum trophy for the first one and looking forward to doing again for the second one. On an unrelated note, wish we could get Azura's Wrath 2. Azura's Wrath was epic, but i'm sure it didn't sell well enough for Capcom to want to continue with that IP.

Avatar image for restatbonfire

I couldn't get into Nioh... As a vet dark souls player I thought I'd enjoy it. Hopefully I can dig this one more -shrugs-

Avatar image for cejay0813

@restatbonfire: Yah to each his own. I couldn't get into dark souls. Barely could get into bloodborne but I liked that game. Nioh on the other hand, I was all in from day one

Avatar image for twztid13

@cejay0813: same here.

Avatar image for Anar_tEoN

@cejay0813: Basically - my story. Worth adding - that initially I was curious mostly because of setting. Upon watching streams as soon as the game was released - bought my copy to see how I will perform - it all ended with platinum trophy. Looking forward to hear more information about new game. And hopefully they will improve design of locations as well as diversity of foes - main downsides for me in 1st game.

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Avatar image for cboye18

Great but it would've been better if they had been working on a different IP instead to not cause fatigue.

Avatar image for jako998

@cboye18: there has been only 1 game.... What are you smoking lol?

Avatar image for aross2004

@cboye18: Fatigue? There's only been one game, and it was awesome. I'm sure we won't see it for a while anyway.

Avatar image for cboye18

@aross2004: I just think that developers need a time out and try out different creative ideas after releasing a game. This would only benefit us by getting sequels with more significant changes as well as keeping developers creatively healthy.

And one game can definitely set in fatigue for a franchise. I was already fed up with Dark Souls after the first game, and I liked that game.

Avatar image for twztid13

@cboye18: or, the new IP can tank & cause the closure of a dev, so we never get a sequel. 2 in a row is not bad at all when the first game is amazing, & was 7 yrs in development. The 2nd, I hope, will have some incubation time based on recent trends. They are announcing games in concept stage now, basically. If it released in fall 2018, you'd have a point.

Avatar image for marportex

@cboye18: I get fatigue on Farcry games. I barely got through halfway through the 2nd region before I had to stop and take a break.

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Coming out next ten years.

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Avatar image for aross2004

@lonesamurai1: Key word being wait...

Avatar image for twztid13

@lonesamurai1: if u play it on console when it first releases, you'll never see the PC game that much later to even compare. The ps4 version looked amazing on my tv even in performance mode (which is only way I played it), & ran great too.

Avatar image for videogameninja

Nioh 2 in the house!!!!

Has to be one of the biggest surprises of E3 (along with RE2 remake.). Nioh was a great game in it’s own rite and I’m sure that this sequel will be just as challenging and rewarding as the first.