E3 2018: New Nintendo Switch Demo Coming For Square RPG Octopath Traveler

You'll have another chance to play the big Square Enix RPG before it's released.


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The release of Square's Nintendo Switch RPG Octopath Traveler is imminent. But there's going to be another chance to try the game out prior to it's July 13 release. On June 14, right at the end of this year's E3, Square Enix is making a new demo available.

While the developer didn't specify exactly what portion of the game this would encompass, it's likely to be both an introduction to the game and it's myriad mechanics. But it's also likely to be a relatively sizeable portion of the game. The last Octopath Traveler demo, which covered portions of the knight Olberic's and the dancer Primrose's tales, stretched across a couple hours.

Octopath Traveler combines old-school aesthetics with modern graphical flair, and it's likely to be a marquee RPG release this July. But that's not the only thing Nintendo has going up this week. Fortnite was announced and released the same day, and there are sure to be other Nintendo-related suprises throughout the week. To keep up with all the announcements from Nintendo, be sure to read our conference news recap.

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