E3 2018: For Honor's Breach Mode Announced, Coming For Free This Fall

Breach for the stars.


During its E3 press conference, Ubisoft has announced a new 4v4 mode is coming to For Honor this October. It's called Breach Mode, and it will be released in a free update as part of Season 8, alongside a new faction and an as-yet unspecified single-player component.

Breach mode has two teams of four players face off on a new castle map. One team's job is to defend the castle, while the other team tries to break down the gates and kill the king, who's waiting in a courtyard. Each team has its own goals to accomplish during the match and an army of AI-controlled minions helping their cause. Most matches last between 20 and 30 minutes--longer than any existing mode in For Honor.

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The main component of the attackers' offense is a giant battering ram they're trying to protect as it advances toward and into the castle. Matches consist of three parts. The first sees the attackers attempt to break down the castle’s outer gate using their giant battering ram, which must be protected. The attackers must then guard their battering ram as it approaches an inner gate. Once that gate falls, the attackers can swarm into the king's courtyard and try to take him down. If the attackers kill the king without losing all of their lives, they win.

The defenders don't have to worry about lives--they can't lose until their king is dead. In the meantime, they can use an array of castle defense weaponry, like a ballista and cauldrons of fire, to thwart the attackers.

In addition to Breach mode, For Honor Season 8 will introduce the game's first new faction since launch: the Wu Lin, a Chinese fighting force comprised of four new heroes.

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