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E3 2018: For Honor Adding A New Faction For First Time Ever This Fall

Meet the Wu Lin in For Honor.


Since launching early last year, For Honor has received a number of additional heroes for its Knights, Vikings, and Samurai factions. As announced during Ubisoft's E3 press conference, the game will be getting its first new faction: the Chinese fighting force Wu Lin. This comes in October as part of a major free update that will signal the beginning of Season 8.

When it's introduced, the Wu Lin faction will consist of four heroes. Publisher Ubisoft has only announced two of these heroes: the Tiandi and Shaolin. Tiandi is a vanguard-type hero who's armed with a curved blade and specializes in dodge attacks. With its flowing fighting style, the Tiandi is meant to be an easier hero for beginners to use.

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The Shaolin is an assassin-type character with a long wooden staff who can hold attack poses to open up new chains and moves. Because this timing- and combo-based attack style takes practice to learn, the Shaolin is better suited for more advanced players.

In an effort to make the characters relatable, the development team at Ubisoft Montreal has given each Wu Lin hero a backstory, a voice, and a face that can be visible depending on the gear you equip. All of the existing heroes will also get backstories, voices, and faces with the start of Season 8. "Before, our heroes were more like units," said For Honor game director Damien Kieken. "Now they will all be characters with a backstory."

In addition to the Tiandi and Shaolin, two more Wu Lin heroes will be available when Season 8 launches, but Ubisoft is waiting to reveal them later. Also coming with the same update is Breach, a new 4v4 mode that has one team attacking a castle and one team defending it. Kieken calls Breach "by far the biggest update we've ever done on For Honor" and thinks it will supplant Dominion as the game's flagship mode.

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