E3 2018: Fallout 76 Beta Only Available With A Pre-Order

No pre-order, no beta.


We're getting tons of new details about Fallout 76, which will be a multiplayer open-world game with survival elements. Since the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game is shifting to this new focus, it will have a beta testing period, and there's only one way to get in: by pre-ordering.

According to an FAQ posted on the Fallout 76 website, anyone who pre-orders the game for all of the platforms available will automatically receive beta access when it launches. Bethesda didn't say when that beta period will start, but the game will release on November 14, so it won't be too long. You'll need a free Bethesda.net account, and once you have that you'll be able to enter the redemption code on the pre-order receipt from the retailer you chose to confirm your interest. For more details, check out our Fallout 76 pre-order guide.

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In Fallout 76, you can still play solo, but the other characters you encounter in the game are other human players. The game is "always-online," and is a prequel to all of the previous games in the series. You play as a member of Vault 76, who is now tasked with rebuilding the world as you emerge from the vault.

In addition to standard release, the game is getting a big collectors' edition that contains a glow-in-the-dark map and wearable Power Suit helmet. The helmet includes a functional headlamp and voice modulation device. Aside from that, the Power Armor set also includes a glow-in-the-dark map and figurines that can be put on that map. Check out GameSpot's full E3 2018 coverage of Fallout 76 for more details, and read our interview with Senior Vice President Pete Hines on how Bethesda plans to stop players from being jerks in the game's multiplayer environment.

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