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E3 2018: EA Reveals New Game Sea Of Solitude With A Haunting Trailer

Coming early 2019.


At Saturday's EA Play event for E3 2018, the publisher announced a new game as part of its EA Originals label: Sea of Solitude. Along with the announcement, EA showed a trailer, which showcased the game's beautiful, flooded world and stylized but haunting monsters.

Sea of Solitude is developed by Jo-Mei, a small game studio based in Berlin. It stars a girl who has been turned into a monster, and your goal is to find out how she transformed and how to turn her back into a human. The game's main theme is loneliness and how it affects people.

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Now Playing: Sea of Solitude Stage Presentation | E3 2018

Sea of Solitude was announced alongside another EA Originals title, Unravel 2, which is out today. Be sure to check our roundup of EA's press conference for all the news, trailers, and more, including new details on Battlefield V and Anthem. And stay tuned for more E3 2018 coverage as the week goes on.

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