E3 2018: BioWare Discusses Future Of Mass Effect

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The future of Mass Effect isn't as dark as it may seem, according to new statements from BioWare's general manager Casey Hudson. Speaking to Game Informer, Hudson discussed the studio's next big title, Anthem, but also addressed the current state of its other big franchises.

"I would say a majority of the people at BioWare are working on Anthem," he explained, before adding that Mass Effect is "my baby." He continued: "I helped start Mass Effect from the beginning. Of course we intend to get back to it at some point."

The last entry in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was not met with favourable reviews, and EA CEO Andrew Wilson acknowledged that it didn't meet the high standards other Mass Effect titles had set. Reports later indicated that the franchise had been put on hiatus, sparking fears Andromeda could signal the end of the series.

While Hudson's statements don't provide any indication that Mass Effect could return any time soon, it is at least somewhat reassuring that BioWare hasn't entirely turned its back on the franchise.

As for Dragon Age, Hudson said there are "people who are figuring out what a next Dragon Age would look like." The series' creative director, Mike Laidlaw previously said "something is happening with Dragon Age," but stopped short of confirming a new game. The Dragon Age team was also "hiring a lot of people," according to Laidlaw.

Laidlaw, whose BioWare credits also include Jade Empire and Mass Effect, left the company in October of 2017.

EA's E3 2018 press conference offered us a deeper look at Anthem than ever before, with new details on the world and character progression. EA also confirmed the Anthem release date. Other games discussed during the stream include Battlefield V, Unravel 2, and a new EA Original called Sea of Solitude. You can see all the news from EA's E3 2018 press conference here.

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Avatar image for prince__vlad

I don't give a shiit about Anthem, really or any other games Bioware or Casey are working to. I would like to see a Mass Effect 3 towards 4, WITH commander Shephard in it and WITHOUT that idiot/stupid 3 endings (you know what I'm talking about). Period. Wouldn't we all ?

PS - I thought a bit, maybe this one would go, too: Reboot the original series (all three games) with the last graphics bells and whistles and leave out the idiot 3 endings OUT and then, make a 4th one, even in Andromeda universe but WITH commander Shephard in it. Almost forgot, when you reboot maybe you won't be,again, stupid enough to forget putting a vehicle in MassEffect 2, would you ? THAT would really envigorate the atmosphere a bit.

Avatar image for streamline

I’m scared that Dragon Age will get pushed toward the MMORPG model more with enigmatic comments like that. Good storyline and even better party member and NPC interactions made the world come to life and it moved away from that more and more starting with DA2.

Avatar image for wagswvu

I have no doubt that Casey Hudson wants to go back to Mass Effect, but would it make sense under the new EA model. EA has been very adamant in their stock holder meeting that they are only publishing games with some sort of live service or monetization over the life of the game, aka multiplayer only type games. This means the days of Bioware making a single player story driven RPG are over, and why Anthem was conceived, and Andromeda was thrown under the bus to begin with. The main reason Mass Effect is on hold, and probably dead, is because they don’t know how to move forward with a franchise that pretty much requires the type of game they are not allowed to make anymore. If Mass Effect was to come back it may have to sit in something like the Anthem model, which sacrifices story elements for shared world multiplayer. To me, that wouldn’t feel like a Mass Effect game and would sour the franchise. The real test is going to depend on what happens with Anthem’s story and how it gets integrated and is perceived. If somehow, they can pull it off but that’s a huge "if". In my opinion, Anthem’s story will be second fiddle to the “world” and serve as an intro maybe a few hours then be over. Bottom line if the Anthem’s story sucks or feels like a bolt on, don’t be surprised if Dragon Age and Mass Effect are never heard from again.

Avatar image for gotthammer

ME3 was good, for the most part (lots of cliches and whatnot, but it was fun), but the last hour or so of the game was quite Bad. It felt rushed, and to have all those choices over the years lead to a 'here, pick one of these 3 options (or shoot the star child lol)' situation felt cheap. I didn't bother w/ the DLC (although I should apparently check out the Citadel one as it's supposedly good/great).

Andromeda I enjoyed, for the most part, but it, too, felt rushed. That feeling was there early on from a number of bugs (I think the patches actually made performance worse), and grew worse from the middle of the game onward. The ending was lackluster, and probably the weakest in the series, but not as 'bad' as ME3, because that one had to end a trilogy.
I did really enjoy the driving and environments for most of the game, tho'. And taking screenshots via Ansel was nice for a short while.

I'm not excited about Anthem (it looks pretty, but the gameplay doesn't look interesting, and I already play Warframe, anyway).
Future ME? I dunno. Maybe I'd be interested if they went back and improved/fixed Andromeda and added more content to it (e.g., something like the Enhanced Editions CD Projekt RED made for the first two Witcher games)...but that kind of fix/improvement is something I've been wanting for various Bioware products over the years, but never came about (e.g., I wanted an Enhanced Edition fix for Dragon Age 2, ME3. Maybe Inquisition, but I dunno...that one didn't end well, either, but it wasn't 'bad' enough...I guess, after DA2, I just feel apathy toward that series, and I guess that extends to the ME series now).
Oh well. I'd give 'em another chance, tho', if they fixed/improved their previous titles. Andromeda had so much potential, too.

Avatar image for BounceDK

"Bioware" should just stop making games.

Avatar image for streamline

@BounceDK: Some would say that they already did because they aren’t what they used to be so they no longer exist.

Avatar image for prince__vlad

"I helped start Mass Effect from the beginning. Of course we intend to get back to it at some point." **** YOU, you screwed up last two games and now of course , why the **** would you make another Mass Effect, eh ? **** YOU!

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Casey Hudson single handedly ruined ME3's ending, and Andromeda trashed the series for good.

Avatar image for Velinnin

@Thanatos2k: I dont think its trashed for good but they sure as hell f***ed it in the a** straight ruthless with no seasoning lol

Avatar image for nickyparmar92

If they are going to make a next ME game, it can’t be cannon to Andromeda. That game does not exist in the ME timeline, it ended with 3.

Avatar image for barbarossa213

@nibbin1191: It really is the best solution. Just as you said, have Bioware insert some self-deprecating humor about the intrepid Pathfinders, and the only time they ever bring them up is as a inside joke/whipping boy. Something like being in a no win, life or death firefight and saying, "Welp, it could have been worse. We could have got stuck on the Pathfinder mission in the Andy system!"

Avatar image for esmilodonte

Pienso que Mass Effect comercialmente no estára en pre disposición dado que tuvo un año de agua fría en reviews por mucho y por muchos que ni siquiera jugaron la franquicia original y por muchos que tampoco se dieron el gusto de jugar a Andromeda. Es un título muy bueno y que por ende aun le queda tela que cortar.
Pero seamos honestos el dinero se invierte en donde floresca y ahora Anthem tienen el beneficio de la audiencia por mas que Mass Effect siempre haya sido la consentida de BioWare.
Tarde o temprano saldrá, nuestro merecido quinto Mass Effect

Avatar image for locke90

@esmilodonte: huh ?

Avatar image for MMX377

@locke90: Allow me. I'm using the google translate for you:

I think that Mass Effect commercially is not in pre disposition since it had a year of cold water in reviews by many and by many who did not even play the original franchise and by many who did not give themselves the pleasure of playing Andromeda. It is a very good title and therefore there is still some fabric to cut. But let's be honest the money is invested in where Floresca and now Anthem have the benefit of the audience, even though Mass Effect has always been the spoiled one of BioWare. Sooner or later it will come out, our well-deserved fifth Mass Effect

Avatar image for esmilodonte

@MMX377: Floresca... Bloom in.. like flowers
thanks for your patience anyway..
I have to say that i like MEA, no matter what everyone says, because i got a fun time and i hoping to ended up in a better computer anytime in the future..

Btw, i am always playing the multiplayer of mass effect 3 on wii u, (for me it is the better version of that game).

Avatar image for locke90

@MMX377: thank you

Avatar image for MMX377

@locke90: Don't mention it. : )

Avatar image for crashchaos

@esmilodonte: I always thought Andromeda was underrated.

Avatar image for derrickd111

@crashchaos: I liked Andromeda for what it was (an ABOVE average action rpg) but the characters/world failed to hook me, so I'd rather it just be a one off. Reboot the series.

Avatar image for razor_rj

@crashchaos:andromeda failed miserably, it was suposed to be a new trilogy or open a new world to explore.....they will keep the franchise on a burner for 8 years a least, look how long it took them to get a new mirror edge reboot, mirror edge was 2008 !!

Avatar image for N0madS0uL

@crashchaos: MEA wasnt as totally horrible, but first off they released the game without really cleaning it up nicely, they didnt bother giving us a decent character creator that didnt look totally crappy. You could sit and churn out a character that looks...mmm OK...get in game and add some expressions and I hate the look I made...the game just lacked some fundamental designs and the detail we expected from previous ME games. That said its still not a totally bad game and had some good concepts and executions to it.

I do feel there was a disconnect to characters and story didnt have the impact nor the intrigue that the first games had and even on ME games I can think of some more plot twists. Still ME series was amazing and I was recently thinking of some ideas how they could potentially again bring back Shepard and his team, albeit with ME3 ending it could be a bit hard to pick up on it. Still not totally impossible and players would probably immediately connect with the character and the aftermath of what happened...still its a simple idea and one that probably wont work but the comparison to characters and even the character creator in previous games was so much better including the story and the stakes were just so much higher.