E3 2018: Bethesda Confirms Fallout 76 Is An Always-Online, Multiplayer-Focused Game

But you can also play solo.

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Now Playing: Todd Howard Shows Off Fallout 76 At Xbox E3 2018

We have finally learned exactly what Fallout 76 is. At the Bethesda E3 2018 briefing, director Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout 76 is a multiplayer-focused, always-online game. The characters you come across in Fallout 76 are real people. The game is entirely online, marking a dramatic shift away from the single-player-only nature of earlier games in the series.

However, you can also play by yourself, Howard confirmed. "Of course you can play this solo," he said. Regarding why Bethesda is taking Fallout in such a new and different direction, Howard said, "We've always wanted to see what our style of game could be with multiplayer."

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Bethesda came up with the idea for Fallout 76 four years ago, Howard said. That would mean Bethesda started working on the game before Fallout 4 came out in 2015. And overall, he describes it as a "softcore survival" game.

Howard also clarified that after you die, you'll keep your character progression, which is good to hear. "Death never means the loss of progression or your character," he said. It had been believed prior to the full reveal that Fallout 76 would resemble Rust, a game where progression can be lost.

Along with a variety of details and trailers, we also learned Fallout 76's release date is set for November 14. It's also getting two different special editions, one of which--the Power Armor edition--comes with a wearable helmet that is equipped with a working voice modulator and headlamp.

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Avatar image for J_P-

No thanks. I lost faith in Bethesda almost 7 years ago, and nothing they have done since then has even helped me to regain faith in them. They are just ruining TES and FO for me. Morrowind and New Vegas were the last good games of their respective series. They bought out Prey only to cancel what was going to be an interesting sequel just for an unrelated reboot, they tried paid mods not only once but twice despite the backlash the first time, now making their own launchers for their games simply to make more money and since they don't agree with a certain distribution platform because it denied them of their paid mods scheme (I don't like that DRM platform anyway though), not to mention the constant dumbing down of sequels in their main IP's to cut development costs and appeal to casuals while giving longtime players the shaft.

Avatar image for kgsg-19-2

As someone who's not into the FO series and didn't like the previous one, this actually interests me....... Let's see what they can do.

Avatar image for alaannn

if its an online game it wont have mods

Avatar image for nikolistary

If I play this game I'm killing and cannibalizing everything that breathes.

Avatar image for gunnyninja

@nikolistary: Imagine that...

Avatar image for ghost140

Hopefully the next proper fallout will be 1-4 coop only. This game sounds like to start its only life is gonna be enemy NPCs and other players. You scavenge what u you need from the world and enemy/player bases, build your base and defend it till you get overrun or nuked then start all over again. Any large clan of people are not gonna be able to survive long with the inclusion of nukes so unless some sort of deterrent/shield is made there wont be large player run cities for long.

Avatar image for Brakkyn

If they're bringing this to the Fallout series, I don't hold out much hope it will be absent from Elder Scrolls VI. I'd almost bet money it goes down the same (unwanted) path.

Avatar image for georgekaplin197

@Brakkyn: They already have ES:Online. I think we are all hoping this is just FO:Online. And FO:5 is more like FO:3 (or New Vegas)....

Avatar image for Barighm

Always online comes with a host of issues that make gaming a pain. Even the very good games eventually get ruined by all the downloading, the eventual mainstreaming, the constant overbalancing that leaves your favourite builds worthless, the endless additions of DLC and cosmetics, the whiny babies whose only concern is to ruin your fun/play for themselves with no concept of cooperation, etc.

Why couldn't they just take baby steps and add co-op? Or maybe go the Borderlands route and have (entirely optional) 4 player drop-in/out co-op? Frickin' corporations.

Avatar image for death_burnout

@Barighm: Exactly, I mean think of all the problems their games have naturally and then add latency issues to that.

They say it's a new engine, obviously built with online in mind but I wouldn't count on it resembling anything close to stable.

Avatar image for trust2112

@death_burnout: Right, because The Elder Scrolls Online is such a shitty game with over 10 million players. Do you even know anything about Bethesda?

Avatar image for alaannn

@death_burnout: the engine lagged during the demo

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Conan Exiles in Falloutland.

I'm in. I was going to get started in Exiles, needing something new in the MP-Survival-Craft genre, but I'll just wait for this instead.

Again, folks, there are NO NPCs in this game, thus likely NO QUESTS NOR STORY.

This is not a Fallout RPG -- this is a different game altogether, set in the Fallout world.

Avatar image for masscrack

@Pyrosa: who said there where no npcs? How could you play this game solo if there aren't npc? I'm sure this game will have full story.

Avatar image for Eric_Drav3n

No thanks.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Sounds interesting. Some questions on it though. Does what you built carry over every time you log in? And when a town is nuked does it ever respawn?

Avatar image for burnettaj

I'll pass and will not buy this game. I can just imagine trying to play solo and some asshole nukes my settlement or a band of jerks come around blow up everything.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@burnettaj: Yep -- that is exactly what folks will be signing up for. It's part of the genre.

Avatar image for bdrtfm

Yeah, guess I'm out. My favorite franchise and It'll be the first game I didn't buy on launch. I mean, Elder Scrolls Online did so freaking well they may as well try it with Fallout right? You can also play Borderland 2 by yourself. Doing so is completely pointless and the bosses are pretty much impossible to beat but you CAN play it by yourself. You can also jump in front of a moving train by yourself.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@bdrtfm: Other than Voracidous, I was able to solo them all as Zer0. No "months of grinding for legendary" nonsense, and I'm about a B+ skills-wise in FPS . ....but that's not quite the best comparison here.

They specifically called attention to "dozens" of other players per server, so it won't be anything like ESO.

There are no NPCs whatsoever here (again, specifically called out) so this is clearly designed like a Conan Exiles type of game. You build, you scavenge, you fight enemies, you fight other players, and loop. So I don't think you need to worry about FOMO, since there is no Fallout game to be found here. Eventually there will be a Fallout 5.

Avatar image for Barighm

@bdrtfm: I don't know what game you were playing, but Borderlands' bosses are entirely beatable solo. Heck, even some of the raid bosses can be soloed. You just have to, you know, gain levels, manage your talents, and have the right gear 'cause...IT'S A FRICKIN' RPG!!!

Avatar image for bdrtfm

@Barighm: Sure, if you want to spend hundreds of hours gearing and leveling up while a group of 4 can do it much faster and easier. I never meant it CAN'T be done. I meant, doing so is a PITA and is more work than play. There is a difference between being solo capable and being solo friendly. Borderlands 2 hates solo.

Avatar image for georgekaplin197

@bdrtfm: At least when you jump in front of the moving van by yourself you'd get the slow motion head explosion and the wonky physics of your corpse flying through the air (which is awesome). I don't see how they can have cinematics in a MP....

Avatar image for chubby170

Sounds absolutely horrible. Ill be skipping this and just waiting for the real Fallout to eventually come..

Avatar image for BigFeef

At first I was apprehensive. Then I was chatting with one of my buddies who I constantly play with and he was super excited. This was the game he has always wanted: a multiplayer Fallout game. His excitement was actually contagious, although not to the same degree; but now I'm also looking forward to the game. If it's the way they described: a co-op focused and not massively multiplayer game; I'm all for it.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@BigFeef: There will likely be no quests -- they specifically said there were no NPCs in this game.

This is not CoOp Fallout.

This is a CoOp-vs-MP-vs-env game in a Fallout world.

Avatar image for dont_redirectme

Always-online? Tripped over the first hurdle, huh, Bethesda?

No buy.

Avatar image for Xirtahm

Whew! Thanks for the heads up! Saved me another $60. :D

Avatar image for deadpeasant

Will be interesting to see if bethesda go down the same route as all other online multiplayer games as a service models in having large grinds and lots of microtransactions.

Avatar image for mopotter

Mad? no but it's no longer on my purchase list. I've played solo on Elder Scrolls and on SWTOR. I play single player rpgs for the RPG feel which I don't get playing "solo".

Seeing a bunch of other solo players running around does not make me feel like I'm exploring a world, immersing myself in the story and protecting my NPCs and/or companions. It makes me feel like I'm watching a whole bunch of other people sitting at their computers or game console running around just like me.

I would have been ok with a single player game, that had the option for multiplayer or co-op but this isn't something I'm willing to fork out $60 - $100 for. I want a game I'll play for years and years, like Morrowind or like FA 3, NV and yes, FA4. Not a game I'll play for a few weeks or months because I'm not interested in being 1 of a bunch of people wandering in my imagination.

Avatar image for Swedish_Chef

@mopotter: Well you mention SWTOR, I think they had phasing. In a city I'd see a bunch of people, but when I went off to do a quest I'd only see 3-4 people max and then in my class quests I'd never see anyone that's not in my group. They did a good job there I think and if they do something similar with this it should be fine.

Avatar image for mopotter

@Swedish_Chef: I hope so. I try not to say "never" but it won't be a day one purchase for me. I do hope it's good, if they are going to do something, it should be good, not mediocre or bad. :)

Avatar image for deactivated-5b48a60a581b7

Not interesting. The main features of the series aren't base building, first person shooting and online multiplayer, which is what this is all about; they were role playing, exploring and a focus on main story with multiple sidequests, at least for me. Maybe I'll check the beta.

I didn't hate the building aspect of 4, I hated the fact that it replaced true expansions, which used to be great with Bethesda.