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E3 2018: Anthem's Javelin Exosuits Detailed, Work Like Classes

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One of the biggest games from EA going into E3 2018 is the multiplayer-focused shooter Anthem by the iconic developer BioWare. Plenty of details were revealed on the upcoming game during the EA Play event, but the more curious aspect is how the exosuits, called javelins, will work. These suits are the focus of gameplay and function as character classes with a number of distinct abilities that affect the way you approach combat.

There are four javelin types: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm. The Ranger is a more generalized suit, a sort of all-purpose javelin. It appears to have fluid mobility and can hold its own in close-range combat. If you're interested in laying down more damage, the Colossus is a heavy, specialized type that packs big weapons to cause high level of destruction and area-of-effect attacks. Details were scarce on the Interceptor, but we know it's the most agile of the classes while the Storm is a caster-type that could help support the squad.

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While javelins share similarities to traditional classes, players can swap between different javelin types since actual characters are just the pilots, called freelancers. You can switch between these for any given mission, it's not a permanent choice.

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Javelin customization is also a big deal. Not only will players get gear and weapons, personalization through different paint jobs and armor pieces/geometry will be part of the fun. There will be cosmetic/vanity items for purchase, but EA says you'llknow what you're getting; there will be no loot boxes. Additionally, Anthem won't contain microtransactions that give gameplay advantages.

A release date was announced for BioWare's new game--expect to see Anthem for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this February. We have Anthem covered from all angles; be sure to check out the entire reveal that happened at EA's E3 press conference and our compilation of all the Anthem details.

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