E3 2017: XCOM 2 Expansion Announced, Adds Shadow Of Mordor-Esque Nemesis System

It's coming on August 29.


The PC Gaming Show is underway, and developer Firaxis just showed off a new expansion for XCOM 2. It's called War of the Chosen and its biggest addition is a system somewhat similar to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system.

Firaxis said during the show that the goal was to "make something massive." The main enemy is the Chosen, meant to be the "ultimate enemy of XCOM." Much like how Shadow of Mordor enemies will gain strength and return for revenge if you don't kill them immediately, XCOM 2's Chosen will show up repeatedly, stronger and with new skills.

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In addition, the expansion will feature several different sects and factions that will change the way battles progress. For example, the Lost are Zombie-like humans that are drawn in large swarms to the sound of combat. They're a "mindless" horde and don't take sides.

The expansion is coming on August 29 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4; you can check out a video of it above. Keep an eye on our E3 hub for more news from the PC Gaming Show and all the announcements, videos, and impressions coming out of E3 2017.

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