E3 2017: Xbox One/PS4 Cross-Play Could Happen For Minecraft

Minecraft developer says it is hopeful that Sony and Microsoft can work together to make it happen.


Yesterday during Microsoft's E3 2017 briefing, the company announced a big change for Minecraft. Going forward, basically all versions of the sandbox game are becoming unified, with cross-platform play letting people play together wherever they are. This includes Xbox One-Nintendo Switch cross-play, but could this ever be extended to PlayStation 4?

Aubrey Norris, who works on the Minecraft team at Xbox, said on Twitter that the company "would love to have PlayStation players along with the unified Minecraft." She added: "Hope that we can." This tweet came in response to someone who took the recent unification news as something that would "kill" the PlayStation editions of the game by alienating that audience.

The big changes for Minecraft were announced during Microsoft's E3 2017 briefing on Sunday. You can read more about that change and what it means here in GameSpot's previous coverage.

Minecraft is becoming one of the first console games ever to support cross-play between competing consoles in the form of Xbox One-Nintendo Switch connectivity.

In March 2016, Microsoft publicly announced that it was open to connecting Xbox Live to other gaming networks, including PlayStation Network and Nintendo's own online service. Sony later suggested it was open to this, but it has not happened yet.

Keep checking back with GameSpot soon for lots more on Minecraft, cross-play, and more from E3 2017. Ubisoft's briefing is coming up this afternoon at 1 PM PT, while Sony's is slated for 6 PM PT.

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