E3 2017: Xbox One X/PS4 Pro Support For Need For Speed Payback Confirmed

Need for Speed executive producer talks to us about new consoles.

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Need for Speed: Payback, the newly announced racing game from EA, will support Microsoft's Xbox One X and Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, executive producer Marcus Nilsson told GameSpot at E3 this week. Xbox One X is the new name for Project Scorpio. He also commented on the possibility of a Nintendo Switch edition--but don't get your hopes up.

Asked if Payback developer Ghost Games would support Scorpio and PS4 Pro, Nilsson said, "Yes, we are." He added: "Both of those platforms will be supported."

Microsoft's Scorpio console is expected to be formally announced tomorrow, June 11, during the company's E3 briefing. It is more powerful than Sony's PS4 Pro, which launched last year. We'll have many more details on Scorpio tomorrow, so keep checking back for the latest.

As for a possible Switch version of Payback, don't get your hopes up. Although Nilsson is personally a big fan of the hybrid console, it sounds like Payback won't be headed to it.

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"I love the Switch; I absolutely adore it," he said, adding that he plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on flights.

While some version of Payback might be possible on Switch, which is underpowered compared to its other console platforms, Xbox One and PS4, Payback for Switch isn't in the works now.

"Would that be a platform that Need for Speed: Payback could run on? I don't see why [not], but it's not something we're looking to at this very moment," he explained.

Payback publisher EA is supporting Switch with at least one game, as a version of FIFA 18 that's missing some features is headed to the console later this year.

Payback launches on November 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more from our conversation with Nisson. And for more on EA's E3 2017 announcements, here are roundups of all the big news and trailers.

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Avatar image for tracerxxi

So he's saying that the Switch could run the game, but they're just too lazy to even try to port it. Hmmm... sounds familiar.

Avatar image for loafit

Told you it was a flop.....lmao..

People tried to hype it up like it was going to be something...but the switch isn't replacing anyone console or PC and it's gonna get the same Nintendo games reused over and over again.. and that's it.. with minimal support from 3rd party companiee lmao..glad o didn't buy one.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@loafit: Its not supposed to replace other consoles, as I have trouble taking my PS4 and XB1 on the train with me .. the Switch however makes that easier ! .. I got a switch in addition to my PC and other consoles and it fits rather nicely ! Got my kids a Switch too which keeps them quite on long journeys so in that respect again the Switch is priceless !!

Avatar image for DEATHWlSH

Is this really a surprise to anyone? The Switch is dated technology and the Pro/Scorpio aren't.

Avatar image for uncle5555

@DEATHWlSH: This is the same story for a Nintendo system since the Wii.

Wii - has special version not on par with PS3/X360

WiiU - has version on par with PS3/X360 versions that were released years prior

Switch - can't support any games releasing for PS4/XB1 due to hardware limitations.

Nothing new to see here, move along....

Avatar image for bebopstreet

The Switch is the highest performing handheld game system right now, with zero competition.

EA is just showing their total ignorance. This has nothing to do with home-only consoles and PCs.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@bebopstreet: So it's weaker than the real consoles, and hence why this game won't be on it.

Avatar image for doccobb

The switch is gonna have no 3rd party support. Just like the wii u ☹

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

Wow, EA really just does not like the Switch. They crapped on the Dreamcast too.

Avatar image for croxus

The day switch gets such a game, is the day I LL buy it!

As for the payback, it's a the crew rip off, which was a smart thing to do!!

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@croxus: It might be a baby version. EA put out an excellent PS2 NFS, then they crapped out baby versions for Xbox and GameCube. Then they put one out on PS3/360 and again made a baby version for the Wii. Hopefully they don't do the same on Switch.

They should port Rivals to Switch in the meantime at least.

Avatar image for Daian

Of course it won't come to the Switch, why is this still a thing being asked about AAA games, it cannot handle games as they're meant to look, even FIFA has to be dumbed down for it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c746fddbe486

4K 60FPS on Scorpio

1440p 30FPS on PS4 pro

Avatar image for biggamerdude

A lot of people didnt read the part where he said that the switch could run it.

People dont understand the main reason is because the switch needs to prove it will have a consistent amount of sales before porting games there. Why port a game to a console with a recently bad track history of not selling much home consoles? Besides wii

Avatar image for benjimoola

@biggamerdude: even sega mega drive could run it if they make it look unrecognizable.

its not about sales.... its about people buying 3rd party. Nintendo makes their console for children who loves playing Mario because they can't grow up while alienating the majority who loves cool games like BF and COD. people just don't think the Nintendo version is good enough so they go for the Xbox and PS versions. Wii sold so much console but 3rd parties did not sell their games on it.

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@benjimoola: Yeah, and? The switch could still run it fine.

that paragraph, it's so wrong I dont know where to begin.

First of all, "nintendo makes their console for children", this is bullshit, anyone can enjoy nintendo games, whatever age they are, if it was for children, then there would ONLY be "kids" games on their console. Which isnt true, there are plenty of "cool" games on those consoles. On the beginning of the Wii U's cycle, it got "cool" games like AC and Cod. There's also Bayonetta 2 on it - a game about a woman dressed in her own hair killing demons. The Wii, believe it or not got a ton of 3rd party support, it was nerfed, and the support stopped after 2010, but it was there. It had games like Madworld, Eternal Darkness, No more Heroes, Dead rising, Resident Evil 4, Manhunt.

AGAIN, the problem isnt the hardware with the switch, its the sales. Give it a year and devs will make games for it. If it continues to succeed.

and the fact that you called bf and cod "cool" games - you're a kid who thinks you're so "cool" because you play 18 rated games. If you really think that mario is for kids you really know very little.

Avatar image for playstationzone

If ninendo switch had ps4 graphics it would handle all this games today . And won't get this news about not coming to switch would we.

Avatar image for risingdawn


And it wouldn't be handheld....

which is kind of the point...

Avatar image for MAXTHUNDER99

Wasn't expecting it to come out for the Switch. This just in Super Mario Odyssey not coming to XBOX or PS4. Of course it will come to PC thanks to Skidrow

Avatar image for Shilleto

@MAXTHUNDER99: skidrow really it will be on pc because of origin you mean

Avatar image for MAXTHUNDER99

@Shilleto: Either way I don't use either but Skidrow is popular in my area.

Avatar image for Shilleto

@MAXTHUNDER99: so they all like stealing software

Avatar image for MAXTHUNDER99

@Shilleto: They upload the files on torrent sites and then you can play them on your computer and yes, Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Switch is playable and so will Super Mario Odyssey.

Avatar image for Shilleto

@MAXTHUNDER99: yes that's called stealing

Avatar image for MAXTHUNDER99

@Shilleto: Exactly, That is the main reason why I said that I don't use them. But, I knew several people that do. I get most of my games new for around 10 bucks.

Avatar image for benjimoola

RIP Nintendo... you were dead since the time you made the Nintendo 64

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@benjimoola: Dead for 20+ years yet still kicking. I'm jealous.

I agree with the general notion Nintendo isn't competing with Sony/MS, but at the same time Pete's General Store isn't competing with Walmart yet Pete is surviving just fine. He knows who his customers are.

Avatar image for benjimoola

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: they were the leaders the time of the SNES their next Gen... from SNES was out performed by a weaker console called ps 1 and why? they make a powerful console with a poor storage for games that could not make the console utilize its power.

Gamecube same story. powerful console, bad storage choice by using mini disc, lack of multimedia.

Wii? bad decision, it sold but it was still a failure which is affecting Wii u and switch today. how can it sell so much yet Dev could not sell their games on it? because it was underwhelming compared to what ps3 and Xbox 360 was capable of doing.

Wii u? yeah that was the final straw. Nintendo should die and Sega should come back.

Avatar image for loafit

@benjimoola: GameCube powerful console? LOL ps2 out right destroyed the GameCube..not to mention it had a longer shelf life...sure game cube had some good games... But ps2 still flourished... Nintendo as a company flops each year... The original Wii succeed during the Xbox 360 and ps3 because it was something new and fun... Ultimately graphics went up the quality of games went up and people began to switch to consoles and or PC... And that only holds more true with each coming day...the only reason to buy a switch is to play the Nintendo exclusives if those matter to you...but like most who usually only have 1 gaming system..the switch isn't gonna cut it... Especially when you miss out..on all these quality AAA games...

I swear Nintendo has a nostalgic hold on all it's consumers.. it's the only thing pushing those ppl to buy the console

Avatar image for benjimoola

@loafit: missed the point... game cube has more power than ps2 but lacks multimedia support and used a poor storage for games same mistake they made by choosing cartridge over compact disc like the Ps 1 making games on ps1 outperforms the stronger N64. game cube is no different with mini disc

Avatar image for Skhuff

@benjimoola: please tell me you are being sarcastic

Avatar image for dev-raid1

no one expects games on the switch, devs already have to dumb down their art for us console gamers, they dont want to have to completely ruin it by dumbing it down further

Avatar image for deactivated-597646ec1539d

Don't expect anything from Switch apart from a lack of support.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

-I love the Switch; I absolutely adore it...

-But will you ever make any games for it?

-Absolutely not!

It's the general narrative in the industry right now that won't change, unless Switch sells 100 million units, like Wii (it won't).

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Ripper_TV: It was the narrative when the Wii was outselling the other consoles too. It has nothing to do with sales, and everything to do with Nintendo's inability to work with third parties. It's been that way for decades, get used to it.

Avatar image for benjimoola

@Ripper_TV: Nintendo has been making poop consoles since N64 and developers just don't want to waste their time. they have never allowed developers to use their full capacity to make games for Nintendo... they always had to compromise for the Nintendo's version making gamers not buy 3rd party games. and they are still making consoles that's no better than an ipad.

Avatar image for doccobb

@benjimoola: N64 rocked you crazy n for the price you couldnt have more couch co op fun than the wii

Avatar image for blazingsonic

@benjimoola: Ummm Nintendo related reaction.

Avatar image for ninja2481

Would be more surprised if it was going to Switch. Anyway will be interesting to see Playstation pro vs Scorpio versions.

Avatar image for dev-raid1

@7tizz: exactly, i said it from jump, nintendo need to stop thinking you dont need power...of course when you are talking nintendo games you dont need power, but what about the rest of the industry, you know, the devs who want beautiful set pieces without having to use a crappy cartoon art style to make it run right. when reggie said its not about power (ahem, he said the same about wii u) we all shouldve foreseen this.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a26ae86370e4

I doubted this game would come to switch because there were frame rate drops in the trailer and I think racing games like this that use pressure sensitive triggers won't come to the switch regardless.

Avatar image for suicidesn0wman

Can't wait to read the "Don't expect Anthem on Switch" article coming tomorrow, or the "Don't expect CoD WWII on Switch" article coming Monday, or the "Don't expect Mario Odyssey on the Sega Genesis" article coming on Tuesday...

Quality journalism exclusively on GameSpot.

Avatar image for tonythomas8410

@suicidesn0wman: If you notice Eddie is the primary one that makes these articles... He must get off on typing these up lol

Avatar image for blazingsonic

@suicidesn0wman: This game isn't coming to the Switch.

New Flash! Best selling game Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild isn't coming to PS4 Pro and Scorpio.

What is with Gamespot?

Avatar image for baral-o

switch is starting to feel like Wii U, it sold a lot of units I give it that, but more and more developers don't bother with it, I'm still a little optimistic, who knowes? Maybe next year it will be worth my money

Avatar image for capocrimeboss

Poor old Switch. I almost feel sorry for it. Almost.

Avatar image for sashj

@capocrimeboss: ...almost lol.

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