E3 2017: Xbox One And Original Xbox Can System Link For Backwards Compatible Multiplayer

It's possible to link all three generations together.


The Xbox One X stole the show at Microsoft's E3 2017 press briefing today, but another one of the notable announcements was that Xbox One is getting backwards compatibility with original Xbox games later this year. As a result of this, cross-generation system-link play is now possible.

You read that right: Microsoft confirmed that you can link up all three generations of Xbox to play LAN multiplayer on original Xbox games. Marketing head for Xbox Albert Penello revealed this feature first on Twitter, and then explained it more on IGN's live show.

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"You can actually system link an OG Xbox, an Xbox 360, an Xbox One, and an Xbox One X, and do four-player system-link LAN play with all original disks across three generations of consoles," he said.

Penello also hinted that original Xbox games will have some improvements if they're played on Xbox One X, although he stopped short of saying how they'll get better. "If you saw Crimson Skies on the screen today, it looks great," he said. "We're not talking in detail right now, but the team has some tricks up their sleeve, and I think when the OG Xbox games show up, people are going to be very impressed."

Xbox One X launches on November 7 for $499; you can read more about the console here. You can also check out our full roundup from the Microsoft conference here.

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