E3 2017: Xbox Boss Says He's Played 700 Hours Of Destiny

That's a lot of time spent doing Strikes.


It's common knowledge that head of Xbox Phil Spencer is a big fan of Destiny, and today we learned just how much he likes the game. Speaking on the Giant Bomb E3 2017 live show, Spencer said that he's played 700 hours of Bungie's first-person shooter.

Spencer was conversing with Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann about how the nature of games has changed over the past few years, shifting toward a greater focus on service-based products that last a long time rather than one-off games that are finished in a couple days. Gerstmann spoke about how players now have to make the decision between buying shorter, single-player games, and games like Destiny which they might "play for 400 hours or something." At that, Spencer chimed in, "I'm at 700."

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We're unable to confirm the veracity of Spencer's claim. We've looked up his gamertag on Bungie's website, which provides stat-tracking for Destiny players, but it lists him as having played a paltry 323 hours in the game. Of course, he easily could be playing on another gamertag, and 323 hours is still a lot.

But we have to take him at his word on the 700 hours claim. If you're wondering, 700 works out to just over 29 days of playing Strikes, Raids, and the Crucible. Also, if his claims are to be be believed, this is up from 600 in April, so he's put 100 hours into the game in about two months.

In other news, Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for Xbox One and PS4, and at a later date for PC. It's getting a beta this summer. Bungie has said that it's focusing more on Destiny 2's storytelling in-game, as well. Keep an eye on GameSpot's E3 2017 hub for more on Destiny 2 in the last couple days of the conference.

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