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E3 2017: Xbox Boss Clarifies What "Console Launch Exclusive" Means

Basically, it's synonymous with timed exclusive.


If you watched the Microsoft E3 2017 press conference, you probably noticed that Microsoft was using a new term to describe certain games: "console launch exclusive." Today on GameSpot's stage show, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer clarified what that designation means.

For the past few years, game companies have often had timed exclusives for certain games, meaning that they are available only on a certain console for a limited time after release. Spencer explained to us that "console launch exclusive" is essentially synonymous with "timed exclusive," except with a bit more specificity.

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"Console launch exclusive means the first console the game will launch on will be Xbox One," he said. "I don't know, honestly, anything about when those games are going to launch on another platform. It's really up to the developer to do the work to make that happen."

But why the change in terminology from "timed exclusive"? According to Spencer, it's to convey the fact that some of them have already been released on PC. He stated, "These are games that will launch first on Xbox... some of these are already out on PC, so that's why we chose the term that we did."

In addition, he clarified that an "Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive" will only ever be on those platforms. A "world premiere," on the other hand, is the first time that certain gameplay has been shown, but--depending on the game--it might come to more platforms.

Spencer also talked about the possibility of the PS4 Pro holding the Xbox One X back, and he discussed his belief that console wars are unhealthy. You can also see all of the news from Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference here, and be sure to keep an eye on our E3 hub here.

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