E3 2017: Watch Super Mario Odyssey's 21-Minute Gameplay Trailer On Nintendo Switch

Check out an extended look at the incredible new platformer.

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Now Playing: 21 Minutes Of Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay - E3 2017

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Nintendo capped off its E3 2017 presentation with a stunning new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. That was followed by an extended gameplay demo on Nintendo's Treehouse livestream, which gave us a much closer look at the upcoming Nintendo Switch platformer.

The gameplay demo begins in New Donk City, the sprawling metropolis shown off in last year's trailer. Mario is shown running and jumping through bustling city streets and clambering up buildings, but what was especially notable is his new hat-throwing ability. We already knew the plumber could fling his cap and jump off of it in mid-air like a springboard, but now he can throw it at other characters and objects to inhabit their bodies; early on in the demo, Mario controls a rocket and launches himself to other areas of the level.

The gameplay demo shows off other new aspects of the game as well. Mario is seen buying new outfits like a poncho and sombrero in the previously revealed desert level. He can also merge into walls to complete some classic, 8-bit platforming challenges. Nintendo says the game will also have some kind of multiplayer option, though we didn't get a look at that during the Treehouse demo.

Super Mario Odyssey launches for Nintendo Switch on October 27. You can read our hands-on impressions of the game here. You can find more announcements and trailers from Nintendo's E3 presentation in our roundup. For other news, impressions, and videos from this year's E3, be sure to check out our E3 2017 hub.

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Will buy if Nintendo get there Switch production sorted out so i can buy one.. Here in NY this system is hard to find even the Nintendo Store has none, That's like Apple not having stock of IPhone months after launch

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@slypher9: Here in Europe (Netherlands) is the same situation, kind off, I spent 4 months trying to find a Pro controller, finally found it on Amazon-Germany.