E3 2017: Watch Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Gameplay

Watch 15 minutes of gameplay from the Naboo map Assault on Theed.


As promised, EA's EA Play press conference was capped off with a live demonstration of Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer mode. The action took place on the Assault on Theed map, which is set on Naboo--one of the new settings for the game, now that it's opened up to all eras of Star Wars.

This video feature a three-stage mode, the first part of which involves droids escorting a tank up to a palace. If they're able to get it there, they're able to move inside and ultimately attempt to gain control of the throne room from the clone army.

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Over the course of the video, you'll get to see a number of new vehicles and weapons, as well as one of the big new heroes, Darth Maul. Also on display is the new points system, which allows you to spawn in as heroes or other non-standard units--this replaces the power-up-based system from the first game.

The other big news for Battlefront 2 is that its heroes, maps, modes, and more will be free. Meanwhile, we got a look at BioWare's new IP. For all the news, check out our EA Play press conference roundup, or head to our E3 hub for all of our coverage.

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