E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

What are you hoping to see?


UPDATE: The press conference is over, but you can relive it via the liveblog below! You can also check out our roundups and more:

E3 2017 continues today with Sony's press briefing, beginning at 6 PM PT. You can watch the stream live here on GameSpot, while you can follow along with our liveblog below.

Sony has not yet provided much insight into what to expect from the company's showing at E3 this year, but Insomniac's Spider-Man, Days Gone, and the new God of War all seem like possibilities.

Read along below (or head over to our video version) to follow along as everything is announced!

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This was a very boring E3 from Sony. I guess they are complacent to sit back and rest on their laurels now that they have a secure sales lead.

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Was one of the worst sony conferences in recent memory. Microsoft smashed Sony this year and the new Xbox looks soooo good. 🎮✌️

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lol remake station 4 , no tlou2 , no gran turismo, no ps5... lol SONY = LIES AND SMOKE

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It sucked lmao

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Waaaaaaaaaaay to many ps vr games just yuck. Spider man and god of war though my body is ready.

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@neoshadi: 5 briefly shown PSVR games was waaaaaaaaaaay too much?

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@TrueLink: yes it's called my opinion I think vr sucks. they didn't show many standard games this year.

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