E3 2017: Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo Booth Galleries

Go inside the booths.


The E3 show floor is stacked with eye-catching booths where people can play games and take in the atmosphere of the year's big gaming show. If you didn't make it to the show or want a closer look of what was on display, we've snapped photos of the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo booths.

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Sony's booth had a huge helicopter, caught in a web, to promote the new Spider-Man PS4 game. Microsoft was pushing the Xbox One X at its booth and Nintendo turned its booth into New Donk City to promote this year's wonderful-looking Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey.

We broke out galleries for Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and all the coolest merchandise. You can find all of them linked below.

For lots more on E3 2017, check out our roundup of all the big news from the major companies below.

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