E3 2017: Rocket League On Switch Will Run 720p 60 FPS Docked And Undocked

Switch-powered battle cars.


The biggest news to come out of developer Psyonix from E3 2017 is that Rocket League is getting a Nintendo Switch release. With regard to how it'll look and perform, Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham stated in an interview with GameSpot that the Switch version will run at 720p with a consistent 60 frames per second whether the console is docked or undocked.

Even with two-player split screen undocked or four-player split screen on a TV, Psyonix is aiming to maintain a solid frame rate. There will be other graphical compromises to maintain proper performance on the Switch, though the exact visual changes have yet to be determined. However, the Xbox One X version won't be making any compromises; Dunham said it'll run 4K and HDR.

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Switch owners can play across platforms with Xbox One and PC players. However, Sony isn't allowing PlayStation 4 users to connect with Xbox One and Switch players. PC gamers can connect to all the other platforms, but the matchmaking pool will be split between PS4 and Xbox plus Switch.

Rocket League will release for Switch during the Holiday season this year and it's currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Be sure to check out all the announcements around Nintendo and catch up on what games are coming out this year. There's plenty of news that dropped during E3, so stick with GameSpot for all your coverage.

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Docked with a pro controller or tabletop mode with a pro controller is the only way you are going to be competitive on this game. If you think you can get past silver division while playing in handheld mode your sadly mistaken.

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It's fine games like this will keep up switch popularity especially you won't have a problem to play with others because of multiplatform plays, Switch needs Tekken 7, D3,Overwatch some Popular MP games does not matter if it will be 720p for non lag experiences, Some F2P games would be welcome as well.

Avatar image for TheEternalGamer

We get 60fps games on the Switch (Rocket League), but not on the Xbox One X (Destiny). Ok, makes sense. Shows where the priorities lie with both consoles. One on gameplay, the other flashy graphics.

Avatar image for pumpkinnuggets

@TheEternalGamer: seriously, you havent taken into account a 10 year old resolution? 75% of people will have a 4K TV in a year, and 720p looks horrendus. There is no excuse for refusing to pay attention to technological advances. R.I.P. Nintendo

Avatar image for TheEternalGamer

@pumpkinnuggets: I don't have a 4k TV. My 1080p plasma still looks great. I guess I'll be part of your 25%.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

If that ensures 60fps then fine, the Switch isn't known for being powerful but that doesn't mean the gameplay should take a hit as a result.

Avatar image for slypher9

Thanks for the release.. will be supporting this.. Can't wait to try it on the go

Avatar image for IvanKavinski

After getting this for free on the PS4, then buying the PC version, I can't wait to also get the Switch version of this. Rocket League is AWESOME and so is its developer. It's been out for 2 years or whatever and they still continue to release new, free content - for a $20 game!? It would be super lame if it wasn't 60FPS, so it is worth the compromises. Yay Rocket League!

Avatar image for alissa914

60fps? I'm OK with that. This was the one game I hope they'd come out with, and I almost gave up hope until I heard this. Can't wait!

Avatar image for moosewayne

If any game (most/all) needed 60fps it's this. best possible compromise

Avatar image for kayton8

nintendo only care about doing their own thing, they are all about making money they dont really care about what the consumer really wants. they are selfish and greedy.

Avatar image for fig56

@kayton8: What does that have to do with THIS GAME? Plus welcome to the world of business. Jeeez.

Avatar image for perfect_chao

It will look decent on a 1080p tv, and great in handheld mode i imagine. My interest is in other games however.

Switch is a great compliment to a gaming PC imo, as some others have said. Best of both worlds pretty much, that and a yearly sub for online will be very cheap on Switch.

Avatar image for defyg3

Cant wait to buy my Switch. Until then, Ill continue to use my new Ryzen build. Glad to see Nintendo back in the game. And glad I purchased their stock months ago, its paying off now!

Avatar image for Xristophoros

and to think, some people believed the switch would be on par with the ps4/x1 graphically...

Avatar image for hughesyboozy

@Xristophoros: Really? I thought it was obviously going to be weaker considering its portability. I love mine, just being able to play proper games on the go is a major thing for me, if I want the best graphics I use my PC.

Avatar image for doctor_mg


What an extremely biased view that completely ignores the millions of gamers out there that own portable consoles.

Avatar image for doctor_mg

@7tizz: You are still ignoring the millions of people that own portable products in favor of your perspective. You may not feel the inclination to game on the go (or see it going about your day), but there are people at my particular workplace that play games during their lunch hour or break on their Switch or 3DS.

You may not see an adult playing a game in a restaurant (because that would be considered rude). That doesn't mean it isn't used by those who use public transportation or stay in hotels for periods of time. Adults are probably less likely to play their system in an obtuse way as well, so they may not be noticeable when they are playing the system.

Avatar image for doctor_mg

@7tizz: It was a pointless question is what it was, with a subtle implication that you don't believe people actually game on the go because you don't personally see it.

I'm not bent out of shape, but I think your perspective is off. I'm sure you are smart enough to understand where people would game on the go. It isn't complicated.

Avatar image for doctor_mg

@7tizz: I didn't put words in your mouth. I said there was the implication. You know what implication means.

And I am calm. Don't put emotions into my words :P

Avatar image for hughesyboozy

@7tizz: I play it during break at work, and even have Mario Kart tournaments with colleagues, not sure what you're on about just because YOU don't see people playing. I also travel a lot, I'm hardly going to carry my PC about am I...

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@hughesyboozy: as did i. there is nothing wrong with the current output of the switch -- being a handheld, it was expected. i was baffled by all the wishful thinkers and fanboys who were arguing against rational thought lol... as time goes on, fewer and fewer games will be ported to the switch, though, which is a concern. even currently, most publishers are avoiding the switch with their multiplatform games.

Avatar image for DrYuya

This would matter if the Switch or Nintendo mattered. Since that prerequisite hasn't been met...then I don't see why this is news

Avatar image for SpiderLuke

@DrYuya: And yet it's selling like crazy ...

Avatar image for never-named

@DrYuya: Your argument holds no water considering Super Mario Odyssey all but stole the show this E3.

Avatar image for thatguy2001

@never-named: I must be out of touch, because that was probably one of the most boring games I saw at E3. Atleast there are games for everyone.

Avatar image for hughesyboozy

@DrYuya: And yet here you are commenting on it, hmm....

Avatar image for dimetro7

I'm good with it. Rocket league on my switch, 60 frames, bring it on!

Avatar image for G_W_X

Well I am fine with it. But heres my points...

Bigger games on WiiU did 720p...i think some WiiU games did run at max...1080p 60FPS too. In terms of raw power SWITCH obviously tops WiiU so why cant they get this game (which looks comparably simple compared to larger games that is not like say an FPS or a large game like Xenoblade or Zelda BOTW...to run at 1080p 60 FPS when docked? strange?

Anyway whatever it is not about just visuals...its coming...got to be happy about the 3rd party support. Thanks.

Avatar image for linkbuscus01

@G_W_X: portability takes up a lot of space. Think of the hardware in that shoebox of a Wii U. And this slim tablet of a switch.

Avatar image for kasenn

Anyone know if Switch users will be able to party with Xbox?

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@kasenn: Only if Xbox brings enough beer

Avatar image for christie_

@girlusocrazy: LMAO

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

720p/60fps is definitely good enough for me!

Avatar image for beantownsean

Two take aways...

1) Switch is way under-powered!

2) "PC gamers can connect to all the other platforms"

Avatar image for thormjolnirs

"Switch is way under-powered!"

Gee, what gave that fact away?

Avatar image for beantownsean


The fact that it can't run a 2 year old indie title at 1080p

Avatar image for FallenOneX

@beantownsean: Isn't this the same game that was overheating PS4's with the menu screen?

Avatar image for beantownsean


Don't know about the PS4, I have RL on PC.

720p on the Switch and overheating issues on the PS4 tells me console isn't the best place to play RL; especially considering the manufactured cross-play barriers and paid online access.

The game on PC runs 1080p well on something as old as an HD 6850 GPU powered by a Phenom X4 965.

Avatar image for fallin75

@FallenOneX: It's the game that goes well below 30 fps when doing split-screen... on PS4

Avatar image for dctcool

What I would really love considering it has crossplay support are universal accounts that you can use on any platform.

Avatar image for TwinStripeUK

@dctcool: Microsoft are trying the same thing by using Live accounts for all of the Minecraft crossplay, but apparently because it isn't a PSN account, it's 'evil' and 'wrong'...

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