E3 2017: Next Big Halo Game Is Shaping Up Well But Not Ready For Reveal

Halo was a no-show at Microsoft's E3 event today, but there will be Halo Wars 2 news tomorrow.


Microsoft's E3 2017 briefing came and went today with no news about Halo. Its absence was expected, but Microsoft's biggest brand not factoring into the show in a big way might have caught some by surprise. Now, the head of Halo developer 343 Industries has responded.

Writing on Twitter, Bonnie Ross said the studio is currently "heads down on the next big Halo." She said the game is shaping up well, but explained that Microsoft is "not ready to announce [it] yet." She didn't mention Halo 6 by name, but that is likely the project she is referring to.

Halo 5
Halo 5

Also on Twitter, Ross confirmed that the next Halo FPS will have LAN support. This confirmation comes after Ross said earlier this year that this unannounced game will also have split-screen, which is notable after Halo 5: Guardians left this feature out.

While fans will have to wait a while longer to learn about the next mainline Halo game, Microsoft will make some kind of Halo Wars 2 announcement on June 12. Ross said there will be some sort of announcement for the game during the Xbox E3 Daily show on Monday. Halo community manager Brian Jarrard also mentioned that Halo Wars 2 news is coming tomorrow.

Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor also chimed in on the matter, saying the bulk of the 343 team stayed home this week to work on the "next big Halo game."

As for when we might learn about this game, Jarrard said, "it's going to be a while," suggesting in a tweet that the announcement won't be at Gamescom this August.

As for what Microsoft did announce at E3 today, the company revealed the final name, price, and release date for Project Scorpio, among other things. Here's a roundup of all the big news.

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damn feels like we just got Halo 5

Avatar image for khanwashere

ANY Halo news would have been better than NO Halo news. 4K/60 upgrades of the existing franchise was on most gamers minds and that would have been the easy route to make everyone happy.

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Halo Wars is nothing special and don't consider any announcement exciting in the least. Honestly 343 studios only job is Halo. There is no reason why there should not be an announcement or teaser for Halo 6. At the very least there should have been some kind of real expansion for Halo 5. But 343 blew it with nothing. E3 microsoft a real disappointment. Even Anthem which looked like fun wont be out till Fall of 2018! really... So I guess there advice was buy a PS4 if you want games to play.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

The absolute best part of Halo5 was Warzone, followed by Warzone Firefight. Even the core MP modes were all just rehash -- fun again for a few nights here and there, but no real satisfying staying power.

Let's also not forget that during the first week, Halo5 was utterly unplayable. Constant crashes, tineouts, and other online issues.

Thw campaign was (as usual) a wonderful series of set-pieces, but it was strung together by generic sci-fi ancient robot mumbo-jumbo.

Net-net: Keep WZ and WZFF. but there's a LOT of work to do otherwise.

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Good luck with that even though I love Halo but I am not too exited for another Halo and those that want one, enjoy it :).

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@lonewolf1044: I'm sure that there are millions and millions of halo fans that are in deep waiting for the next Halo. I would think that the next Halo will be release next year by November or December during the holidays. I am not one of those millions what I really want is a new Banjo or Conker game that's want I want from Microsoft.

Avatar image for k9kal85

@angrycreep: How many thought that Fox in Lucky Tales was Conkers at first? Got really excited then I saw it was a Fox and was disappointed.

Avatar image for angrycreep

@k9kal85: Dude I saw that Lucky Tales and I nearly fell out my chair thinking that it was a conker game but then happiness turn into series disappointment. Thank you Microsoft for punkeding millions of fans with that one.

Avatar image for cfscorpio

Where was Halo 5 enhanced for the X1X?

Avatar image for Mogan

@cfscorpio: Is that something that needs to happen?

Avatar image for cfscorpio

@Mogan: Yeah, and Halo 5 should be bundled in with the X1X. I was honestly expecting some story DLC for Halo 5.

Avatar image for Mogan

@cfscorpio: Has Halo ever had any story DLC? I think they generally just make the next Halo game to further the plot.

Avatar image for cfscorpio

@Mogan: No but now was the perfect time to do so. Bundle it up with a X1X enhanced version and make up for the lackluster SP in Halo 5. Oh well, MS dropped the ball here. The gap is going to widen.

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@Mogan: well ODST was designed as an expanstion for halo 3. Then got so large it was a stand alone

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Halo 4 sucked, Halo 5 sucked even more. I think the franchise is definitely gonna be in the dumps if Halo 6 isn't knocked out of the park. For the love of god give us a good and lengthy campaign. The campaigns in the last two games were incredibly short and boring.

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@69ingChimpmunks: They need to do some new things with the formula. We've been playing iterations of the original for 16 years now.

Avatar image for Barighm

@Mogan: Actually, none of the games have played exactly like the original. Bullets fire slower, weapons aren't as well balanced, the assault rifle and pistol aren't as kickass, vehicles are easy to destroy, and we now always know what the aliens think and say. If anything, the games need to play MORE like the original.

Avatar image for Mogan

@Barighm: Like I said, they're all iterations on the original. Tweaks and minor changes. I'm talking about fundamental change to the structure of the next game. 343 needs to distill Halo down into some core concepts/mechanics, and then apply those to something bigger and more interesting than a scripted, linear campaign where all you do is walk forward and shoot.

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@69ingChimpmunks: I originally thought Halo 4's campaign was bad until I read the books. But no amount of reading could save the awful mess that Halo 5's campaign was.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

@alucai: I tend to agree and I booted it once and never again. But I like that MS gave free DLC.

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yeh yeh yeh very nice, now where the hell is Halo 3: Anniversary?

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@gameplayuk: Not happening. Period. They still have egg on their face from the MCC disaster in that regard.

Avatar image for deactivated-597646ec1539d

@spartanx169x: MCC as a unified collection didn't work, but Halo 2: Anniversary on its own was great. They just need to do a H3A and have it be stand alone.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

@gameplayuk: I do agree with that idea, heck we are in the trend now where games are Remastered or re-released. :)

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Looking forward to 6, it could only get better after that mess 5 was.

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@Mirimon78: At least you would hope it wouldn't get worse.