E3 2017 News: Everything From The Press Conferences

E3 is nearly wrapped up, but there have been plenty of announcements.


We've reached the last day of E3, and while the announcements have died down, there was plenty that happened earlier in the week. The six major press conferences brought with them a lot of news and game reveals, from Metroid to BioWare's Anthem to Beyond Good & Evil 2.

For the first time ever, E3 was open to the public this year, but the show otherwise seems to be largely the same as in the recent past. One notable difference was that things began earlier than usual--EA already held its EA Play press conference on Saturday, while Microsoft's Xbox press conference was a day earlier than usual. It might be too late to enjoy them live, but you can still re-experience them all with our liveblogs and various recaps. You can find all of this below.

E3 2017 Press Conference News And Trailers:

Saturday, June 10

Electronic Arts

Sunday, June 11



Monday, June 12



Tuesday, June 13


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Avatar image for biggamerdude

weird that nintendo is skipping e3 like last year.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

@biggamerdude: Nintendo is not skipping E3

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@Sepewrath: yeah, they arent, I mean theyre skipping the press conference, unlike ms and sony

Avatar image for Vojtass

@biggamerdude: They are skipping it for few years now.

Avatar image for angrycreep

@Vojtass: Well is simple the reason they are skipping it is because they don't have any or too little material to hold a press conference and you don't hold press conference with little to nothing to show in it.

Avatar image for TJDMHEM

@biggamerdude: I agree

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@TJDMHEM: you'd think they would come up on stage and just start with a bang, metroid on switch, then show some mario odyssey gameplay, splatoon, and whatnot but no. Its weird

Avatar image for Cbordi

@bsbs: **** yea, a proper Devil May Cry sequel would hit the spot :D

Avatar image for corrus

@bsbs: God Of War will come in the end of the year somewhere

Avatar image for Scarf0

@bsbs: God of War and Detroit Become Human are the games I'm most stoked for that may come out this year.

Avatar image for Supabul

@bsbs: Did you miss last years E3

Avatar image for Helidokter

@bsbs: Kojima has stated Death Stranding won't be at E3 this year

Avatar image for tom_tucker

@bsbs: Please give me Devil May Cry!!!

Avatar image for matt1212

where can i found a stream

Avatar image for gamespotaddct

@matt1212: FYI ign has the worst stream

Avatar image for corrus

@matt1212: Usually i am watching it on youtube after the live event

Avatar image for Tiwill44

@matt1212: Search "E3 countdown" on google, the first result is a handy website with links to the streams. Only Microsoft seems to be up so far, but it'll get updated as we get closer to E3 so check back later.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Can't wait to see what MS has in store.

Avatar image for freeryu

smh Microsoft always goin first.

Avatar image for gamespotaddct

@freeryu: gotta save the best for last(Sony)

Avatar image for Guy_Brohski

@gamespotaddct: Well MS just showed off the world's most powerful console, and then showed off 22 Xbox/Win10 exclusives. Sony will probably only show half that many exclusives, and then the rest of the conference will be boring ass VR crap. #LolSony

Avatar image for jteagle

@Guy_Brohski: Seriously though. Name one xbox exclusive that you're really excited about. If you named the 5 coolest games the showed, none of them are exclusive to the console

Avatar image for Guy_Brohski

@jteagle: This holiday I'll be playing Sea of Thieves, Forza 7 and State of Decay 2. No matter who "wins" this E3, I'll be too busy playing great games to care..

Avatar image for rolento25

@Guy_Brohski: I don't see you naming any "great" games.

Avatar image for Guy_Brohski

@rolento25: You can't "see" anything with your head up your ass.

Avatar image for freeryu

@gamespotaddct: ew

Avatar image for gordonfreeman

@freeryu: They're smart for doing it, and for doing it on Sunday especially. Almost no one will be at work so we can all view and experience the conference in real time to get the full effect. One of my biggest pet peeves is that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have historically done these conferences when us adults are at work, this completely fixes that problem.

Avatar image for gamespotaddct

@gordonfreeman: nah they are doing it on sunday because they dont to go on the same day as Sony because they know more people will talk about Sony on the same day and not microsoft

Avatar image for Daveof89

@gamespotaddct: Oh dear fanboy... I can guarantee anyone who watches E3 will be talking about scorpio, whether good or bad....

Avatar image for deactivated-5942031b9c7cf

@freeryu: Isn't EA going first .... smh.

Avatar image for freeryu

@lumpy: Out of the Microsoft and Sony obliviously lmao use your head.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Didn't the conferences used to start on Tuesdays?

Avatar image for RikiGuitarist

@JustPlainLucas: The E3 show floor used to open on Tuesday. Most of the conferences used to be on Monday, while Nintendo used to hold their live announcement event on Tuesday morning.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

Bethesda, MS & Sony are all I'll be tuning into for the conferences......

I'll also be checking out some of the show coverage....if i'm not busy with something else...

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@darthrevenx: But Aisha Tyler will be at the ubisoft one to embarrass some people in the audience again. LAAAANNNNAAA

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@gamingdevil800: meh, F Aisha Tyler......and F ubi.......ugh

Avatar image for blackace

@darthrevenx: Sounds like someone's feeling got hurt or something. This E3 better be good. Nintendo having their Direct Event offsite somewhere like fools. After the Switch reveal, I don't blame them. Their conferences have gone way down hill since I last attended.

Avatar image for corrus

@blackace: Yeah i watched it was so boooring as always

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