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E3 2017: Metal Gear Survive Delayed Until Next Year, Reports Say

Development team needs more time to polish gameplay.


Metal Gear Survive, the next instalment in the legendary stealth-action series, won't be released until next year. Konami has reportedly confirmed the game won't make its original 2017 release window because the team needs more time to polish the game, the developer has told Polygon.

Konami says the release of the game will be "pushed back a few months" and players should expect it in early 2018. Metal Gear Survive is a spinoff set in the same universe as Metal Gear Solid V and takes place after the events of Ground Zeroes, featuring single-player and multiplayers modes, where players must work together and battle deadly zombies.

The gameplay video below, unveiled by Konami last year during the Tokyo Game Show, drew criticism for the zombie plot line. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima isn't involved in the development of the game, and he's previously said said it's odd that a Metal Gear game would have zombies in it.

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GameSpot has reached out to Konami for more details, and we'll report back as soon as we get more information. Metal Gear Survive is being demoed at E3, and you can follow our full coverage of the game here. To catch up on everything that was announced during E3's press conferences, you can check out our roundup of all the announcements. And keep an eye on our hub for more news, videos, and impressions from E3 2017.

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