E3 2017: Matterfall Gameplay Shows Just How Fast-Paced The Futuristic City Platformer-Shooter Is

Details on the levels, game mechanics, and terrifying bosses coming in the extreme action platformer.

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Matterfall will be a true platformer, with a few core game mechanics to help players blast and survive their way through futuristic level after level, according to developer Housemarque's Jari Hokkanen. He stopped by GameSpot's E3 2017 Stage to talk gameplay and share tons of video from the studio's next game, due out this August. Check out the action in the video above.

Hokkanen says the arcade-style shooter is reminiscent of classic action platformers like Metroid and Gunstar Heroes. In Matterfall, you play a mercenary tasked with clearing the city of corrupted red matter and enemies, saving civilians in the meantime. Fortunately, you can use non-corrupted blue matter, all around you, to activate platforms and build up your shields.

At the game's core, you shoot your way through level after level in Matterfall, employing powerful secondary weapons like a matter gun, shotgun, or grenade launcher. You can also activate other passive augmentations, which grant you buffs like increased health or better reloads.

In the E3 gameplay video, Housemarque mostly shows off the game's first city level, complete with a scary boss fight with a robotic wasp at the end. There are different difficulty levels, and the whole game was built with speedrunners in mind. You can explosively dash your way through levels and try to kill everything in your way to get the best time. There's no multiplayer, but there is an online leaderboard if you're feeling competitive.

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Matterfall is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on August 15 in North America and August 16 in Europe. It was officially revealed, along with many other games, ahead of Sony's E3 press conference. For more news and highlights from Sony's offerings, check out our article on Sony's highs, lows, and biggest games this E3. And for all the details from this week's events, check out GameSpot's E3 Hub.

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