E3 2017: Knack 2 Release Date Announced, Lower Price Point Revealed

Key details confirmed.

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Now Playing: Knack 2 Release Month Trailer - E3 2017

Knack 2 will launch on September 5 for PlayStation 4, Sony announced today during its pre-E3 2017 livestream event. The sequel is priced at $40, Sony confirmed. This is lower than the 2015 original, which was a full-priced, $60 game.

A new trailer for Knack 2 was released during the livestream; you can watch it in the embed above. This is the first time we're hearing about Knack 2 in a while. The last major news reveal came at PlayStation Experience in 2015, where the game was confirmed with a first trailer.

The original Knack wasn't critically acclaimed, but designer Mark Cerny said in 2014 that he believes there was still a lot of room to work in the Knack world. When asked if there would ever be a sequel, he responded, "I would love to keep working with the [Knack] brand, definitely. There's a lot unexplored there, I think anybody who played the game would tell you that."

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i did play knack 1. ain't that bad. it's quite fun and entertaining anyway.

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This game was mildly amusing when it first came out. It became repetitive after a while, but maybe they can change it up a bit in the sequel.

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First game rocked alongside resistance!!!!!! "sarcasm"

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Well sh!t, Xxox X is dead on arrival now....

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@metallinatus: Got that right! No way in hell X can stand up to the all-powerful KNACKERSACK.

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Knack knack patty wack is back and at $40