E3 2017: Goat Simulator Dev's Next Game, Deep Rock Galactic, Revealed At Microsoft's Xbox Conference

Our first look at Deep Rock Galactic.


Microsoft has unveiled a new shooter for Xbox One, called Deep Rock Galactic.

The colorful title is a "console launch exclusive" to Xbox One, and it's from Coffee Stain Studios, the team behind Goat Simulator and Sanctum.

The footage revealed on stage appeared to show team-based combat and crafting. The squad of cartoonish characters were shown smashing through a cave wall before fighting a horde of evil crab creatures.

The trailer ended with the tagline "Danger. Darkness. Dwarves." No release date was announced, and it's unclear if the title will also come to other platforms.

Elsewhere in today's conference, Microsoft unveiled its Project Scorpio as Xbox One X. The console will launch November 7, and you can see what it looks like here. Check out our hub for more of GameSpot's E3 coverage.

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