E3 2017: Get Free Games For Signing Up For Microsoft's Streaming Service

Rare Replay and The Final Station? Not bad.

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If you watched Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference, you likely noticed that a service called Mixer was mentioned a lot. Mixer is Microsoft's recently renamed streaming service, and Microsoft is strongly promoting it as a place to watch E3 coverage. As a result, linking your Xbox account to Mixer has a perk: you'll get a few free games, including Rare Replay, No Time To Explain, and The Final Station.

This perk was originally only for people who watched the press briefing through Mixer, but Microsoft has since extended it. Anyone who watches one of the Xbox Daily shows this week through the service will get the MixPot, which includes those three games and several pieces of DLC.

The MixPot comes with:

If you want to grab this pack, you'll have to link your accounts before 11:59 PM PT on June 16 / 2:59 AM ET on June 17.

For all the news from Microsoft's conference, check out our roundup here. And keep watching GameSpot's E3 hub for everything coming out of E3 2017.

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Avatar image for darthbluntsaber

I linked it with my Xbox account and email but didn't seem to get any notifications. Do we have to watch something specifically on mixer or what?

Avatar image for deactivated-597646ec1539d

I'll take Rare Replay for free

Avatar image for dedcap

I didnt have to do anything they just started downloading kinda freaked me out because i didnt know why i was getting them lol

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

How do I redeem this "mixpot"

Avatar image for CRUSHER88

@chiefwiggum16: You end up getting a notification on your X1 that you received them. You just need to link your gamertag to the mixer app. That way, when you watch Xbox Daily, it recognizes the linked account and gives you some free stuff.

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

@CRUSHER88: I didnt see any "link" account stuff but I did use the same Microsoft account as my xbox to sign in. I'm guessing thats the same no?

Avatar image for CRUSHER88

@chiefwiggum16: That should be the same, yeah. When I "linked" my account, I signed into the Mixer website with my Microsoft account (back when it was still Beam). I am also logged into Mixer on the actual Xbox One app. Some rewards popped up a few hours after their E3 conference.

Avatar image for darthbluntsaber

@chiefwiggum16: I just went to the support page on the Xbox site for this. That seems like all we needed to do. But there was also a message saying getting the rewards could take up to a week