E3 2017: Far Cry 5 Gameplay Video Descends Into Absolute Chaos

Ubisoft shows off gameplay for Far Cry 5 during E3 press conference, and it gets messy.


Ubisoft showed off more of Far Cry 5 at its E3 2017 press conference. The video opened in a church in which armed citizens raised their guns as they sang Amazing Grace. Dan Hay, executive producer for Far Cry 5, then appeared on the stage to talk about Hope County, which was described as "vast" and "rugged," but overrun by a cult.

"People are f**king scared," he said, explaining that the routes out of Hope County are cut off and cell phone signal is non-existent.

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The presentation then transitioned into gameplay, during which two characters were overlooking the church seen at the start. In the road in front of the church people were tied up and were being attacked viciously for not submitting to the cult.

The player character looks at a nearby water tower and his companion, Grace Armstrong, who is a gun for hire, acknowledges an order and runs into position. Grace fires a shot from the water tower and, seconds later Boomer, a "dog for hire," enters the fray to attack a cultist and snatch his gun away.

From the air, a plane reigns explosives down below as a truck full of co-op players also arrive to join the battle. It all descends into large-scale chaos. Watch the video above to see the sheer amount of combat variety Far Cry 5 is aiming to deliver.

Far Cry 5's release date has been confirmed as February 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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