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E3 2017: Destiny 2 PC Is "Not A Port," Bungie Says

Destiny 2 for PC will have "features that PC gamers expect."


The Destiny franchise expands to a new platform this year when Destiny 2 comes to PC. Developer Bungie hasn't put out a game on PC in a very long time, and community manager David Dague spoke to GameSpot today about the challenges and opportunities around bringing the game to PC.

"We have heard so much feedback from pc gamers that they would love to see Destiny 2 on PC," Dague said on GameSpot's live show today. "The opportunity to welcome them into the Destiny community is something that I cant wait for. Being able to welcome a new segment, a new frontier into our community is awesome. I'm sure they will bring their own unique perspectives. We're going to learn all about this game that we created all over again from different view point. We will grow and evolve that experience based on what they tell us."

Dague went on to say the PC player is a "new breed of player" that Bungie is eager to welcome to the Destiny family. He also stressed that Destiny 2's PC version is not a port.

"This isn't a port," he said. "The PC version of Destiny 2 is built from the ground up to be awesome on that platform and to look amazing and to play fluidly and to support the types of features that PC gamers expect."

With its uncapped frame rate (compared to a locked 30 FPS on Xbox One and PS4), is Destiny 2 for PC the best version of the game? Maybe, but it depends on what you like.

"The best version is where you find your friends and where you're comfortable," Dague responded when we asked if PC is the best version of the game.

Also in our interview, we asked Dague if there might be crossover possibilities with Destiny and other Activision/Blizzard titles. It's too soon to say. "[There is] no telling where this relationship will bring us in the future," Dague said, noting that he wouldn't make any announcements today.

Destiny 2 launches in October, following the Xbox One and PS4 release in September. For lots more on Destiny, check out all of GameSpot's previous coverage here.

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