E3 2017: Destiny 2 Has A Bigger Focus On Story Inside The Game, Dev Says

"We're telling a bigger story than players of destiny have ever seen."


The new Destiny 2 trailer shown at E3 this week suggested the shooter sequel would have . larger focus on story. This definitely seems to be the case, as Bungie's David Dague told GameSpot this week Destiny 2's story is a "bigger story than players of destiny have ever seen."

Destiny 2 goes bigger overall with story, and fans may be happy to learn that a lot of the story happens inside the game. One pain point from the first game was that players needed to, in some cases, read the lore-rich Grimoire crds outside of the game on websites and apps.

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"It's got more story missions; it's got more cinematics, it takes you to four strange new worlds that have different mysteries to uncover and ways to really enjoy the story inside the game," he explained. "That was a huge creative pillar for us [with the sequel]. That was a goal that directed every decision that we made. You should never have to drop your controller and reach for your smartphone or open your laptop to understand the story we were telling. It will come right at you in the game. It will play out in the cutscenes that add flavor to the missions.

"It will be things that you discover in the world; and it will be the characters that you meet along the way with different types of adventures and activities that will help you understand the places you find yourself and the moments and realities that shape that player experience."

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In other Destiny 2 news, the game's beta trial dates have been revealed. People who pre-order the game can play the beta on PlayStation 4 starting July 18, and on Xbox One beginning July 19. The beta will open up to everyone on July 21. The company also stated that a PC beta is planned for late August, with more details coming "soon."

Additionally, Bungie has confirmed that the Xbox One X version of Destiny 2 will run at 30FPS, just like the PS4 Pro Edition. Some of the game's PS4-exclusive content was revealed at E3.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for Xbox One and PS4, while the PC edition comes out in October. Bungie recently spoke to GameSpot about the PC version's delay and why it happened.

In other E3 2017 news, Telltale has confirmed it's making a new IP, while the developers of Call of Duty: WWII say they are trying to make the Saving Private Ryan of video games. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest from the show.

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