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E3 2017: Brutal Legend 2 Will Happen Eventually, Director Says

It'll be an expensive game to make, Tim Schafer says.


Brutal Legend will eventually get a sequel, Tim Schafer of developer Double Fine said tonight during an appearance at E3 2017. Speaking alongside Brutal Legend voice actor Jack Black on the E3 Coliseum stage, Schafer said a sequel will happen when the time is right.

The very first question that came up in a Q&A session was about Brutal Legend 2. Someone in the audience screamed, "Brutal Legend 2," and Schafer apologized for giving the impression that his panel with Black tonight would lead to an announcement of the game.

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That being said, Schafer did give fans some hope when he said, "Someday we'll make that game." He added that Brutal Legend 2 will be an "expensive" game to make.

The original Brutal Legend--published by Electronic Arts in 2009--cost around $25 million to develop. It remains Double Fine's best-selling game ever. Schafer said in January 2014 that raising that much money--or more--for a sequel "might be tricky."

The panel, titled "Jack Black in Conversation with Tim Schafer," was a free form back-and-forth discussion between the friends, and it was wonderful. The lengthy discussion between Schafer and Black touched on a number of different topics related to gaming and...other things. Hopefully the video is archived.

The E3 Coliseum event is operated by the ESA, the organization that runs E3 every year and represents the video game industry's interests in Washington, DC. For lots more on E3 2017, be sure to follow along with all of GameSpot's coverage.

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