E3 2017: BioWare's New IP Anthem Gameplay Revealed

Gameplay of BioWare's new sci-fi IP.

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Now Playing: Anthem Gameplay Reveal Trailer - E3 2017

BioWare unveiled its new sci-fi action IP, Anthem, during yesterday's EA Play event, but the big gameplay reveal came today during Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference. Anthem was shown running on the Xbox One X and the demo took us through a mission that spanned several environments.

Gameplay opened in a first-person perspective with a walk through a market in a desert-like environment surrounded by tall buildings. The player was controlling a female protagonist and was approached in the opening seconds by an ally who says he hired "freelancers" and that trouble has ensued. You then engage in a mission titled Hell or High Water.

Exo-suits named Javelins are a key part of the game, which are equipped with jetpacks that seem to operate somewhat similarly to those in Mass Effect: Andromeda. As the character walked into the suit, the perspective is switched to third-person. The player then got into an elevator to jump into a vast and lush jungle-like environment by using the jetpack to fly around. Giant creatures came storming but were avoided by jumping to an underwater area named Deadlight Caverns.

There are RPG elements in Anthem with XP, which is rewarded for (among other things) the discovery of new areas. After they emerge from the water, we see the player fire shotgun blasts at smaller enemies, before going on to discover Longfall Ruins. Dashing through the tropical environment, we then see another human-controlled character in co-operation as he takes down a huge walking tank.

The character being played in the demo unleashed a rocket ability that locked onto multiple target to take them out, earning an XP bonus. Here, we caught a glimpse of the type of weapons and loot available. A level 35 Legendary volt rifle called "Jarra's Wrath" was looted and stats for damage, accuracy, and other elements were on display.

As the two players continued through the jungle, a massive storm began with rain and lightning enveloping the environment. This is when the demo ended with the quote, "Our story is out there."

Anthem will have Xbox One X enhancements such as ultra-high-definition 4K resolution and HDR lighting. The game is set to release at an unspecified date in 2018.

EA had been teasing that BioWare was at work on a new "action IP," but little was known about the mysterious title aside from the fact it would be "built around a live service" that features a "disruptive new social design." In order to further improve the live service, EA pushed the project back to its fiscal year '19, which runs from April 2018 through March 2019.

The publisher has confirmed that Anthem is being developed by BioWare Edmonton, the studio behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For all the announcements from Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference, be sure to check out our Microsoft news roundup. You can find other news, impressions, videos, and more from this year's show at GameSpot's E3 2017 hub.

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Give VR support on this!

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No thanks - every game they make tries to shove their blttgif propaganda down everyone's throat, or whatever that chain of letters those people are using now.

Catering to less than 1% of the world is not doing them any good. I'll never buy another biware game.

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This thing smells of Destiny/The Division. Looks pretty, but will most likely lack any real depth.

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"disable ad-block to view" ...fine

skip button for ad doesn't work but it's only 20 seconds long.....

video doesn't play but starts a new 2 minute long ad


count down ad


another count down

battlefront 2 video.....................

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Is this online only?

Avatar image for midna

This looks good. Probably get it for PC.

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awesome jungle theme? hell yeah!

coop? sure, let's try it!

guns that you have to swap every time you level up? - eff no!

Avatar image for d_

Co-op isn’t really my thing but as long as its got pvp

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

Beautiful graphics for sure, but the gameplay seems really, really shallow. That's a trailer for a 7/10 score game.

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Not gonna lie I'm pretty underwhelmed with this demo. It looks like a destiny clone. That is definitely NOT what bioware is known for making. Hey it's a new IP so fine they can do what they want. Maybe it will be good. But with Mass Effect now on an unofficial hold for the foreseeable future, until EA figures out what to do with it, it looks like the Bioware RPGs as I have loved from them in the past are officially dead. I just pray this game has heavy story content and can be played solo.

Avatar image for thedarklinglord

So...it's Mass Effect meets Destiny? If Bioware could make competent action games and they opted to not go the "online only" approach, I could get into that.

Avatar image for khanwashere

They made a Mass Effect / Destiny hybrid that look pretty good. Is that why they threw together Andromeda at the last minute to pass off the Mass Effect game they've been working on for so long as a new IP?

Avatar image for lilkwarrior

@khanwashere: Bioware Edmonton was *not* involved with ME:A in anyway; ME:A was made by a side-team taking a crack on the Mass Effect franchise.

Thus, you can't say the team behind the original Mass Effect threw together Andromeda at the last minute; they've been busy working on this and another new IP that got cancelled.

Avatar image for timothyss10

am i the only who is appalled that EA took a studio who makes RPG titles with large amount of character Dialog, and threw them onto the multiplayer FPS bandwagon? just going to turn into another quest looping multiply fps. when i think Bioware i think amazing NPC character with soul. all the entercation in this video are imaginary interactions of players, ur not going to get that, ur going to get a 12 year old crying to his mom he does not want to do dished and a dude who does not turn off his mic when hitting his bong for the whole match while playing music forcing u to mute him. at best u get some buddies or coworkers to play with u. think ill stick with the game they are trying to copy here, destiny

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

@timothyss10: Yeah the biggest turn-off here imo is that this is not even an RPG. Bioware's talents wasted.

Avatar image for hrv_25

Mass effect: could have been

Jokes aside, this looks good and looking forward to play this.

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This game looks BADASS Day one for me and for the XB1X. I'td be cheaped than building a comparable PC

Avatar image for lilkwarrior

@chiefwiggum16: If you care about 4K 60FPS and etc, PC would probably be the way to go for you; comparable PCs with 980TI graphics is now average in the PC world now with the 1000 Nvidia series and the upcoming Volta series alongside the AMD HBM2 GPU cards ideal for 1440p ultra-wide or 4K gaming.

XB1X definitely will likely be the ideal way to be accessible to most friends you'd want to play with for this sort of game while still having great graphics on a 4K display nonetheless

Avatar image for warui


Don't lie to him. While a high end PC is better... Even those of us with them know now that an XBOX ONE X is better than the majority of gaming PC's out there currently and way cheaper. He is not going to build a comparable gaming PC capable of 4K 60fps for anywhere near the cost of a XBOX ONE X and you're talking about 1440p?! You can't be serious!

Avatar image for lilkwarrior

@warui: I'm confused, how am I lying? Did I say explicitly that a PC capable of 4K would definitely be consistently cheaper than the Xbox One X?

Anyhow, if you want 4K @ 30FPS like Xbox One, you can easily get very close these days; the PCPartPicker tool proves this. I have many friends that have done so w/ $800 (inc. extra things not related to the core goal of being cheap as possible; very rare)

If I was going to do 4K@60FPS specifically from scratch toda , I'd get a 1080TI (honestly two) which is more than the Xbox One alone! Xbox One X does not guarantee 4K at 60FPS and they'd be foolish to.

Also "more than than the majority of gaming PCs" is pretty vague. Any computer can be a gaming computer and most of those stats are inflated by those browsing on computers by users who wouldn't seriously play AAA PC games on their laptop with. Most gaming PCs weren't built with 4K in mind like RAM & GPUs with insufficient specs–primarily lack of memory–to be able to do 4K justice (there's a reason why the 1080 & 1080TI–Nvidia's first definitive 4K GPUs–have RAM in double digit figures ).

Having a high-end rig myself for years now (Overclocked 980TIs in SLI, overclocked, water cooled 6700k, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1.2TB NVMe SSD Intel 750, & etc), it's really overrated the cost IMO.

Especially considering the freedom, benefits, & professional options such rigs provide you that more than justifies the price for a good amount of people.

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Is it a 4 player Co-op ? based on the gameplay

Avatar image for Syferonik

If you believe in those visuals, you're the one that companies like Ubi/EA enjoy milking. Look at Andromeda and look at this. Anthem doesn't only look better, but it feels like a game made for another generation. Its gonna be heavily downgraded so lower your hype.

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

@Syferonik: the 4K footage I saw from Andromeda is exactly what came out. I think this is what it will look like on XOX although it is scripted events mixed with gameplay.

Avatar image for Syferonik

@ballashotcaller: And what's inside an X? A Jag CPU. So calm down.

Avatar image for timothyss10

@Syferonik: im fairly sure its a custom designed CPU. but far more important is the GPU and Ram, even if its is a that "jag CPU" that would still be more then ok. CPU are rarely the bottleneck, im still rocking my CPU on my PC from 3 builds ago with 4 video card upgrades and im still cranking out +80 fps on anything easy. the GPU and RAM, since the GPU used the totally systems rams, are FAR more important. the ram is largely what makes the xb1 a little weaker then say the ps4 which used the same CPU more or less but the xb1 is clocked just slightly higher. the upgraded ram to DDR 5 which is what most GPU uses will help it allot, as well upgrading the rap to 12gb. *not 100% about all the teck on the xb1x

Avatar image for Syferonik

@timothyss10: Its a modded Jaguar... How far can you mod a cellphone CPU?

Avatar image for timothyss10

@Syferonik: Fairly far when the system in question has active cooling. that the major problem with gaming on phones is the lack of active cooling. . consumer based CPU have not made huge strides like GPU have. also electrical distribution is important in consoles. its better spent towards the GPU rather then the CPU, which is why they use custom phone CPUs which require far less power to run and create less heat.

Avatar image for videogameninja

Ah, think you're right.


Avatar image for E_J_S

Impressive, but is there a single player mode?

Edit: Confirmed by lead designer - https://twitter.com/CGaspur/status/874050839014395904

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Looks interesting. Kind of reminds me of a mix of Titanfall, Mass Effect, and Horizon Zero Dawn. I have no idea why those titles come to mind (especially Horizon.) but, oh well. No doubt Bioware is hoping to achieve even a sliver of the reception that last game has garnered over the last few months. If Bioware was able to deliver something like that I think all those people they may have lost to the wayside thanks to Andromeda might be back on board the Bioware train.


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@videogameninja: Horizon probably came to mind because of that huge walking machine dinosaur at the start of the footage.

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Sound to me this game exclusive to xbox1 and x . I hope don't sale as well .

Avatar image for sealionact

@playstationzone: Why would you hope that it doesn't sell as well? In fact, don't bother answering - I probably won't understand you anyway.

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@playstationzone: As luck would have it my friend they announced that it was multi-platform so I think you're okay (assuming you have a PS4.).


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@playstationzone: it's not.