E3 2017: BioWare's New IP, Anthem, Announced With First Trailer

Get a good look at the next IP from BioWare.

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Now Playing: Anthem E3 2017 Teaser

BioWare's new IP was revealed today during EA's E3 2017 press conference, and the game is called Anthem. The first trailer revealed that it's a sci-fi title involving some kind of Game of Thrones-esque wall that keeps people safe from an evil that lies beyond. "Out there, you either live with the choices you make, or die trying to change them," a mysterious narrator says.

The first gameplay reveal for Anthem will come during Microsoft's Xbox E3 press conference on Sunday, June 11. Anthem's platforms have not been announced, but it is presumably in the works for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Xbox One seems like a particularly safe assumption, given the game's showing at Microsoft's briefing. You can check out today's teaser above.

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Prior to its E3 reveal today, Anthem had only been described as an action IP "built around a live service" that features a "disruptive new social design." An effort to bulk up that part of the game was cited for a delay that pushed the game back to the current fiscal year, which runs through March 2018. The game is in development at BioWare Edmonton, the studio best known for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Anthem was one of two surprises EA had in store for today's press conference, as we also saw the formal unveiling of A Way Out, an intriguing new co-op game from the director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. We also got some word about new maps on the way to Battlefield 1. Check out our EA Play press conference roundup for all the news, or head to GameSpot's E3 hub for all of our event coverage.

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Avatar image for VakarianGirl

Never going to preorder or get excited for ANYTHING coming from Bioware ever again. They have successfully knocked 90% of their preorders for ANYTHING they do in the future out of the sky with the steaming pile of horsesh*t that Andromeda was.


Avatar image for Divad222

Honestly, based on this trailer, I definitely see lots of potential for a sweet game...........buuuuut I thought the same about Andromeda so I'll reserve judgement until its actually out.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

After Andromeda, I'll just wait for all the reviews -- and I mean actual player reviews.

Avatar image for deactivated-5abc14ca5e8cc

Still trying to shake the massive pile of underwhelming stupidity that was Andromeda.

Avatar image for TashunkoSapa

Presumably, this is the "good" Bioware, not the studio that made Andromeda.

Avatar image for uhtredsson

Mass Effect 4 was the last game i will ever have bought from BioWare, once a favorite of mine now an asset of EA.

Avatar image for DARREN636

the landscape screenshot looks great

the game trailer looks impossibly derivative.


Avatar image for KaptenHaddock

RIP BioWare, now they'll be churning out Andromeda-style shooters like it's nobody's business for the next 69 years.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@KaptenHaddock: no, when the next 2 to 3 games fail like Andromeda did Bioware will be shut down and later turned into some BS service name like Origin Systems was......oh that's a wonderful setup isn't it?? Origin, a games clearing house like Steam, Bioware.....maybe it'll become a depository for all the digital game manuals......ugh it's best not to second guess EA.....

Bioware has a free game that they're playing, it's called Borrowed Time, it started when they were bought out and ends when they've been properly milked of all value and shuttered.....we're nearing the end folks.....

Avatar image for jyml8582

Looks good, can't wait to find out how many LGBTQ characters they put in this time!

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@jyml8582: There are no straight people in the future. Breeding gives way to self-replication, entirely driven by one's self-important ego and social media outpouring. The sound of "ME-ME-ME-ME!!!" is heard throughout the process.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@Pyrosa: in this brave new world it won't be us who spanks the monkey, the monkey spanks us.......


Avatar image for txuzai

Meh, another shooter garbage

Avatar image for Jasurim

They kind of lost when when I read it was "built around a live service" and that it features"disruptive new social design". I thought maybe because Bioware is reaching out into a new IP after all this time and starting fresh in sense, they could do something really cool. But sadly, I guess not. At least it doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for.

Avatar image for Ovirew

It's Titanfall Halo, with the wall of GOT and a baby Cloverfield monster mixed in!

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

"Live service"? "Social design"? Oh god it's another MMO, crappily engineered by EA for maximum monetization rather than maximum enjoyment.

Avatar image for archav3n

more multiplayer games? dang..

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Looks awesome, can't wait to see more of this tomorrow.

Avatar image for silentrambo

A 52 second reveal teaser for a game no one knows anything about aside from past rumor and speculation, and everyone loses there mind.

Avatar image for Barighm

Hmm...sounds like an Xbox exclusive (for a year anyway) persistent world RPG a la Destiny. Not digging the sound of that.

Avatar image for gamersglory

Do they know how many fans they have lost over the fact they don't seem to be adding content to ME:A there are just as many people that liked ME:A as dislike it. The only big difference is the ones who did not like it made too much noise.

Avatar image for darkelf83

@gamersglory: It's a sad thing. Companies unfortunately listen more to the negative comments then the positive ones, even if there are many positive ones these days. Also the negative ones are more vocal and insistent. Happy people usually don't need to comment, they're to busy having fun.

Avatar image for savagerodent

@gamersglory: It's always the negative opinions that are the loudest.

Avatar image for boardsport311

And to think...I used to look forward to Bioware games.

Avatar image for icelandichossi

this looks like MEH

seen that and done that

also can't wait for all the sjw characters!!!

Avatar image for masscrack

Don't you dare call it the knights of the old republic studio... don't you dare!

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

Just don't shove the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ story lines in our faces yeah?

Avatar image for balrogbane

@chiefwiggum16: That would chop off half of any given BioWare title.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@balrogbane: Not to mention 3/4 of the party members.

Avatar image for GT_APE

Another female lead (making an assumption - hopefully I'M WRONG)? At least with Bioware, they usually give you a choice to play as male or female so I'll stay interested in this for now.

Avatar image for darkelf83

@GT_APE: There is nothing wrong with female leads when they're part of telling a story or creating an experience. When they're just place holders it's sad and worse then always using male leads. The main character should fit the story or the game. Many games have flexible stories or modes of play but some need a specific role. Is it that you don't like female leads or you don't like they way they've been presented lately in games? These vague comments that people always throw around do not help get games anywhere.

Avatar image for GT_APE

@darkelf83: The first issue is all three Star Wars products (two movies and now BF2) have female leads and it seems artificial and forced. Now, I liked both movies, but I feel Star Wars FA stunk too much of 'forced' feminism. It just felt artificial - like they had something to prove. Sort of contrived. Now Rogue One, I felt was awesome. Felicity Jones' character was a bad-a$$ and it didn't feel artificial. But now the BF2, the developers are forcing us to play as a female, which I don't like so I won't buy it. Wish they were more like Bioware, and giving you the option to play as what you want.

Hoping this new Bioware IP stays in that direction.

Avatar image for James_xeno

"Anthem had only been described as an action IP "built around a live service" that features a "disruptive new social design." An effort to bulk up that part of the game was cited for a delay that pushed the game back to the current fiscal year"

i.e. The "live" part is little more than DRM, so they thought it might be a good idea to bolster their pretext for it.

Do not want with the "live" part anyway. (DRM or not)

Avatar image for GT_APE

@James_xeno: They can DRM it up the yin-yang if they want to. As long as it's a male lead (or the option to play as a male).

Avatar image for spartanx169x

Looks like it has potential. Hope they can deliver on that potential.

Avatar image for baron_machina

"The story doesn't end here. It's just the beginning."

1. Yeah, it's a trailer. The FIRST trailer, with very little insight on the actual plot. This ridiculously pretentious line doesn't work if we're given no story or context to link it to.

2. This is the most cliche line in all of existence and I hate it IMMENSELY.

3. Drake of the 99 Dragons loved this line SO much that it ended on that line. So... yeah.

Sorry if I focused entirely on that specific thing, I just hate that line so much. I'm a bit hesitant to believe in this after Andromeda. The trailer doesn't really show much of story let alone anything, so there's barely anything to judge on it yet (the masks and armor do look a lot like Destiny though).

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@baron_machina: "2. This is the most cliche line in all of existence and I hate it IMMENSELY."

Lol what I hate IMMENSELY is whenever I notice people who write "would of". (-__-)

Avatar image for nomadski69

@baron_machina: you are bang on, especially the context of that line given we don't know or care about the characters or their situation. Winking doesn't cut it.

Avatar image for Oni

@baron_machina: Spot on!!!

Avatar image for masscrack

@baron_machina: yeah it was pretty corny, all of the dialog in the trailer was.

Avatar image for baron_machina

@masscrack: Indeed. This trailer is very guilty of using a ton of "trailer talk" in order to try and sound cool and deep. That specific line just annoys me because so many different movies and games use it, and it's pretty much always comes out sounding stupid. It's just a clumsy way to try and get the viewer to want to know more information, without actually giving them more information.

Avatar image for Dark_Matters

No thanks.

Avatar image for thomasn7

EA just wasted their time at E3 so far but hoping Anthem turns out to be good.

Avatar image for soul_starter

Anthem had only been described as an action IP "built around a live service" that features a "disruptive new social design."

Yeah that's a sentence that puts me off.

Avatar image for playstationzone

@soul_starter: if that case only online game why can't do both like rockstar games do and other company's put single play with online play .

Avatar image for Dark_Matters

@soul_starter: Yep, I was excited until I read that, now I couldn't care less.