E3 2017: Bethesda Press Conference Liveblog

Find out what's next from the Fallout and Elder Scrolls company.


UPDATE: The press conference is over, but you can re-live the play-by-play via the live blog below, or check out;

E3 2017 continues today with Bethesda's press briefing, beginning at 9 PM PT. You can watch the stream live here on GameSpot, while you can follow along with our liveblog below. You can watch the stream live here on GameSpot, but if for whatever reason, you can't watch the show, you can also follow along with us in our liveblog below.

The start times for Bethesda show is June 11 at 9 PM PT (12 AM ET/4 AM GMT), and the publisher has already confirmed several of the games we'll learn more about, including:

Read along below to follow along as everything is announced!

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It'd be nice to have the new Wolfy confirmed... New Order was SO good, arcadey-Wolfy at its best but with a great story too. The Old Blood was likewise stellar, and a bit more like the other paranormal episodes.