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E3 2017: A Lot Of New Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Features Are In The Works

No more getting caught on level geometry!


The PC Gaming Show is happening now, and Brendan Greene from developer Bluehole just detailed some big updates coming to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. This includes vaulting, more weather effects, and new weapons.

One of the most significant additions coming to the game is the ability to vault over objects. This will likely make fans very happy, as current mechanics make it extremely difficult to get over fences, rocks, and other small obstacles. As a result, it can be frustrating to navigate through the map. The update will add a new, specific mechanic for jumping or vaulting over small objects.

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In addition, Greene announced that the studio is making new weather effects for the game. Right now, the map features only clear skies or downpour; there will soon be sunset and fog variants, as well. Greene said that these weather effects will influence gameplay. For example, since fog cuts down on visibility, sniping will be harder.

Other notable additions coming include replays and the OTS 7.62mm bullpup rifle. The replay system will allow you to rewatch an entire game with a free camera; the rifle is meant for short- to medium-range encounters.

Finally, Greene mentioned some longer-term content updates in the works. Two new maps are in development: one in the desert ruins of Peru, the other in the snowy Adriatic region. In addition, mod support will come, although it's still a ways off.

Greene didn't provide a timeframe for these updates. You can watch his entire presentation from the show above. Yesterday, Greene shared another piece of Battlegrounds news: it's coming to Xbox One this year with special enhancements for Xbox One X.

Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news from the PC Gaming Show today and E3 2017 all of this week.

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