E3 2016: Terry Crews and Snoop Dogg Aren't Very Good at Battlefield 1

Wiz Khalifa scored the most points, while Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman had the best kill-death record.


EA livestreamed a 64-person Battlefield 1 multiplayer match after its E3 presentation Sunday, and it featured the likes of actor Terry Crews, rapper Snoop Dogg, and professional footballer Marshawn Lynch. Thanks to the PS4 Germany Twitter account, we now know how each celebrity performed during the match.

None of the celebrities dominated, though among themselves, rapper Wiz Khalifa came out on top with a kill-death record of 2-11 and a score of 7056. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman followed with the best kill-death record of 9-11 and a score of 6892, while rapper The Game had 6117 points.

Image Credit: PS4 Germany on Twitter
Image Credit: PS4 Germany on Twitter

The celebrities who didn't do so well include actor Jamie Foxx with a score of 1142 and rapper Lupe Fiasco with 945--Fiasco doesn't seem to be as good at Battlefield 1 as he is Street Fighter V, a game he beat pro fighting game player Daigo at earlier this year. Actor and proud keyboard-and-mouse player Terry Crews narrowly escaped last place with a kill-death record of 0-8 and a score of 585--model Emily Ratajkowski took dead last with 324 points.

Xbox director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb held his own with a kill-death record of 3-12 and a score of 5763. You can check out all of the celebrity rankings in the list at the bottom of the article.

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Wiz Khalifa2-117056
Richard Sherman9-116892
The Game4-76117
Snoop Dogg0-45811
Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb3-125763
Tyrese Gibson1-112737
Zac Efron2-112650
Marshawn Lynch1-152292
Jamie Foxx1-91142
Lupe Fiasco0-7945
Terry Crews0-8585
Emily Ratajkowski1-10324
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