E3 2015's Highs, Lows, and Biggest Games

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E3 2015 has drawn to a close, but how did it all turn out? We look at the best moments from the show, some of the biggest games, and a few things we think could've made everything a little better.

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Check out assessment for the big three console creators in the following galleries, then come back and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

The highs and lows at E3 for:

While the features above focus on the platform holders, it's worth pointing out that we also saw great presentations from all the publishers. Feel free to also add your thoughts about what you liked about E3 as a whole, and what could've made it even better!

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On the issue of Nintendo; after the dust has settled, Nintendo non-verbally bowing out from the Wii U is a smarter decision then previously thought. Nintendo all but botched this console,(pity this was their grand introduction to HD Graphics) without reiterating Miyamoto's own admissions, there is just too much peripheral confusion; 'this' works with 'this', but not 'that', 'That' works with 'that' but not 'this'(i.e. Smash Adapter, Gamepad, pro controller etc). Matching this with the Wii and Wii U's similar name choice it has become(and still is) Convoluted. As much as I appreciate Nintendo's two consecutive home console generations of backwards compatibility, the Wii U released about a year late to have much impact in the mass market- meaning- WE ARE TIRED OF SWINGING THE EFFING NUN-CHUCK AROUND NINTENDO DAMMIT!! lol seriously though, I think Wii U will end up with 10+ classic games justifying a purchase and in the long run their sales won't look AS bad and it won't matter because Nintendo still has its milk money from 3rd grade. lol(they rich as $hit!)

My thoughts on Nintendo moving forward with the NX will be Nintendo streamlining themselves. They will release the 'NINTENDO'. One Console. Nintendo will release a handheld/gamepad hybrid, combining both portable and home consoles. Two thumbsticks, naturally evolving the 3DS from its C-stick AND either a Peripheral(could even be pricey, oh how Nintendo loves its peripherals), Service or both to allow gameplay on Televisions and face recognition/3D jazz. They may pepper the mobile market with games to utilize the eshop or may stay more conservative but they will continue to build on their niche brand and push the money printing Amiibos. Granted it is all about games(ENOUGH GAMES!!!) but Combining the two revenue Streams properly would increase the overall revenue and allow all available resources to increase the amount and rate(I don't need a Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, etc every 1-3 years but I do need one less than 5 or 10!!) of first party titles and expand on lesser celebrated characters from the Nintendo universe. no is left out and everyone can join in again to "Go play Nintendo".

*Drops MIc*

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Highs, Sony announcing FF7 and Shenmue 3

Lows the reality that neither of those games will ever see the light of day any earlier that 2017


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am i an idiot for hoping the new star fox would be like star fox adventures but with all the vehicles and current gen kind of gameplay?

Avatar image for Nev3rtime

@ricanick: No, but you're not the typical starfox fan just like adventures wasn't a typical starfox.

Not every game has to be a big "modern" open world rpg adventure.

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This E3 didn't have a lot of surprises, but it had plenty of great games and showed more stuff about the already revealed games like Battlefront, Fallout 4, Deus Ex and Mirror's Edge.

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Nintendo's 3DS focus left me to continue wondering about the direction of the company that represented all the gaming of my youth. No true Mario N64/World/Galaxy title or console Zelda in their presser?

The Wii U has been out for some time now. How is it possible NEITHER of their flagships are out in true console AAA format by now? WTF?

Meanwhile, pretty much all of Bethesda's was incredibly awesome. E3 peaked Sunday night for me.

Still. Halo 5 was awesome. ReCore looked great. Tomb Raider looks to continue to impress. Horizon looked jaw-dropping. Ghost Recon surprised me. No Man's Sky continues to offer up a universe of well-spent time suck.

Avatar image for Derpalon

@PixelAddict: Honestly, I've had a lot more fun with Super Mario 3D World than I ever did with Galaxy. It's definitely a worthy main entry in the Mario franchise. Zelda is in development but it got delayed for some "new possibilities" they're experimenting with, according to Nintendo.

We could have used a new Metroid title at the very least though, and not the joke that is Federation Force.

Avatar image for Nev3rtime

@PixelAddict: Current home console Zelda traditionally take about 5 years to make and SS was 2011 and Mario 3d World is every bit as much a real Mario as the galaxy games.

It's not like there aren't many decent games to play on the wii u and promising ones like xcx, starfox and mario maker due out on wii u this year.

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What Nintendo game showcased at E3 2015 are you most excited about? (live poll) http://holypol.ly/p19

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Bethesda - Fallout 4

Square Enix - Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix - Hitman

Square Enix - Kingdom Hearts 3

Naughty Dog - Uncharted 4

Guerrilla Games - Horizon: Zero Dawn

Microsoft - Backward Compatibility for the Xbox One (hats off to them really, but it'll be rose tinted glasses more than anything)


Ubisoft (The Division looks all fine and dandy and ordinarily it would be great... just not in Ubisoft's hands)

EA (sports games especially)

Avatar image for steelmouth

The high: Backward Compatibility

The low: Gears 4, but only because I love Gears so much and a Gears announcement should end with my pants full of poop but nope not this time there wasn't even any fart

The lowest: Sony but thats non of my business I don't have a PS

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@steelmouth: Obvious bait is obvious.

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Damn so I actually have to click another link to get the highs and lows WTF gamespot

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Whole E3 was a low. Looking more forward to TGS. Probably the only pleasant surprise for me was Dark Souls 3 and 1 or 2 others looked interesting... IETR, & I'm still not so sure about Horizon yet. Was really hoping Capcom would reveal something about its next Soul Calibur, but guess I'll have to wait for TGS.

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For me was Horizon Zero Dawn the winner this E3.

Avatar image for blood_borne

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

2. Fallout 4

3. Uncharted 4

4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

5. The Last Guardian

Also Interested In: Dark Souls III, Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect: Andromeda, No Man's Sky, Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Concept that needs to become a Game: that cute yet creepy teddy bear wielding a hammer fighting those adorable zombies over hard metal riffs in Dreams.

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Finally Shenmue 3, the best game ever!!! We really need help now, if wasn't Shenmue 1 and 2 the game industry would be very different now (GTA).

Avatar image for letmewinyou2

Finally a chance to shenmue prove what he can do. The first Shenmue came out same time as GTA 2 , the difference was huge , Shenmue helped these games to became what they are now , but now GTA is huge and one very profitable game , now we need help , those who loved Shenmue and those who want to say thanks to Shenmue come to kickstarter and help us ,we only need 5% of what GTA v spent . thanks let the saga continue

Avatar image for kraigoftheflesh

So where are the Indies/niche games? Last year there were scads. This year, we heard about the same games, minus the new Devolver games.

Avatar image for ggregd

@kraigoftheflesh: Last year people complained/accused that indie games were all they had. It's funny just about everyone plays these games, but all they want to see is the big AAA guns.

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E3 was flawless if you ask me http://www.aundrz.com/2015/06/top-10-video-game-companies-developers.html

Avatar image for Xristophoros

the worst things about e3 in my opinion:
-that metroid 3ds game
-star fox... looks super generic, uninspired and boring... bad controls...
-ea, ubisoft and pc press conferences...

the best things about e3 in terms of sheer excitement and interest in my opinion:
-the last guardian re-reveal
-final fantasy 7 remake... didn't expect this in a million years... i never asked for it and could live without it, but it is exciting nonetheless
-uncharted 4 gameplay demo
-kingdom hearts 3 gameplay footage
-horizon... new ip... open world rpg... mecha dinosours... what more do you want?
-indie game unravel... little big planet inspired but with a puzzle element... sign me up
-indie game cuphead... one of the most beautifully animated games i have ever seen...
-the trio of devolver games announced... especially streets of rage inspired game mother russia bleeds
-shenmue announcement... not even a fan of the series as i have never played them, but i am happy and excited for the fans
-star wars battlefront... it looks to be shaping up quite well... online coop should be a blast
-extended mgs v gameplay demo... looking more and more like a better version of peace walker... so long as it has the story that mgs fans expect of the series, this is a goty contender
-extended deus ex gameplay demo

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

@Xristophoros: Metroid game is not as bad as people initially think. I hated Nintendo E3 at first, now I realize it's actually got some good games and they are trying new things with their games as always. They aren't selling out because these new games will still be high caliber like most of their past games. They maybe should take out the Prime from the title, that's all I can think of as disservice to fans.

Avatar image for cwv_rebirth

The only "low" that Microsoft had was giving Peter Moore the stage to talk about EA Access. It killed the momentum and just felt like an advertisement.

Avatar image for genocide_223

@cwv_rebirth: The Star Wars guy from Disney was far more unbearable...as well as the guy from Eidos.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

For me this feels like a RPG renaissance, with triple AAA RPGs coming out from West and East and news from Japans traditional developers like Atlus, sega, capcom, falco, bandai, nippi, end layer and too many more to name. Do not get me wrong I have played many an hour on COD and FPS and a few other genres but in my 35yrs of gaming RPG have always been #1 on my list.

The last couple of years have been just the best with CRPGs storming its way back on the PC, but now the console will finally have its RPG comeback. Microsoft/Sony are heavily investing in just about any studio with electricity for their prime 3rd and 4th year console generation games when they sale the most games and consoles. RPGs have been shunned this last decade because it always took too much time and resources to make compared to other genres, but consumers are talking with their wallets and they want more RPGs or games with strong RPG content.

As for E3 2015- I thought Nintendo's digital showing was weak as water lacking in quantity and quality, Microsoft had a great showing - finally concentrating on games not all that other stupid media content, but Sony stole the show with high profile games and console exclusivity - truthfully I do not remember much after I had a small stroke in one eye after Final Fantasy 7 remake was announced.

Avatar image for Harly7

Where is the next "The Elder Scrolls" Single Player and co-op game? That was the only game I was hoping for, would be revealed at E3. I guess. "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" will scratch that open-world-sandbox-itch until then, along with Fallout 4, when it's released later this fall. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" also looks very interesting.

BTW: A real gamer is someone who plays games. No one, is more gamer than others. We all play in different ways - it's a matter of taste and preference, that's all. Gamers unite! :)

Avatar image for pad242

@Harly7: I'm having a great time with ESOTU, it reminds me of Skyrim but with friends... It'll definitely hold you over till Fallout 4...

Avatar image for crazeon

@Harly7: We won't see a new Elder Scrolls anouncement for at least another 3 years. They've probably started working on it though since they're wrapping up with Fallout 4.

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I furious no MS-DOS or Lindsay Lohan games announced during conference - Kim

Avatar image for packerfan7575

Best E3 in a long time. Everyone showed up with some great new games. I still think Nintendo is making a huge mistake by not having a conference. They're weaker than they've ever been. If they don't get it together they'll be relegated to handhelds and making games for other consoles.

Avatar image for hystavito

@packerfan7575: I think Nintendo seems dead set on chasing the casual market and in that market E3 doesn't mean anything.

Avatar image for genocide_223

Danny, what's wrong with you? Gears was the worst show? It was easily one of the best looking games of the show, and it's still Gears...nothing to complain about there. With over a year left in development, it's going to be awesome. No Man's Sky looks like a joke. The hype for the game is just nonsensical in my view.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@genocide_223: I think he just meant that the demo, and showing for the next Gears was pretty bad as other sites have also mentioned the same thing. Mostly due to a rough demo showing on the technical side, and slightly boring side- they should have just held it back - I have heard it takes a ton of money, time, and resources to put together a E3 showing- why not wait till its more fleshed out.

Avatar image for virtuasega

@genocide_223: The fanboy is strong with you...

Avatar image for genocide_223

@virtuasega: No, it's called an opinion.

Avatar image for novaprime1985

@genocide_223: aside from its ridiculous storyline (Gears)

Avatar image for genocide_223

@novaprime1985: Oh, you've played Gears 4?

Avatar image for MooncalfReviews

Sony weren't "cagey" that they'd be helping out with some funds towards Shenmue 3. They came right out and said it in 3 interviews directly following.

However, they have also said that the majority of funds will be coming from the kickstarter backers. Sony's help will come purely from a marketing and PS4 port side of things, with some help with resources such as tech. They are not funding even the majority of it, and if they were then you wouldn't see stretch goals, you wouldn't see Yu saying he needs 10 million, and you wouldn't see the game in production as an independent venture, and a 3rd party collaboration from Sony's point of view.

Source: everywhere on the entire internet. Watch some interviews and read some quotes once in a while.

Avatar image for positive_gamer

It's great to see this gen really pick up. Very exciting time to be a gamer on all platforms, except the bone.

I'm kidding. Lol

Avatar image for k41m

Reading these comments is.. well.. hilarious. While you sit there with your defiant attitude towards this console or that console or this PC.. you are missing out on so many great games just because it's on a Nintendo console.. or a Sony console.. or ANY console. Gaming is gaming, the person who spreads the love will always get more out of it.

Avatar image for gamerboy100

@k41m: I agree. The same also goes for graphics wh***s. (Not sure if I can actually use that word here, but hopefully I put enough of it that you know what I mean.)

Avatar image for virtuasega

@k41m: Amen, I truly mean that, we need more gamers with this attitude.

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As a PC gamer/Dell-dic-licker-master-race-doucher.....I actually liked the PC show.

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The high, Sony

The low, Nintendo or PC Gaming Show

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Bethesda > MS > Sony > Ubi > EA > Nintendo > Squeenix