E3 2014: The Assembly Announced for PlayStation 4 VR and Oculus Rift

The atmospheric puzzle-adventure game is from nDreams and will launch alongside the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus.

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Developer nDreams has announced a puzzle-adventure game called The Assembly for PlayStation 4 and PC virtual reality headsets. First shown off during the GameSpot E3 livestream, The Assembly focuses on exploration and discovery within a shadowy science lab. It will work without VR, but elements are specifically optimized for Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift.

The point of the game is to uncover the goals and true nature of the lab you find yourself in. The Assembly, a shady organization that has no qualms about breaking laws, inhabits the building. As nDreams explains, it is "a secretive collection of scientists, academics and engineers committed to discovering a universal theory of everything, at any cost. Flawed laws and morality in society as a whole are preventing scientific advancement and preventing them from unravelling the truth about the world we live in." The developer explains that, as it progresses, the game attempts to induce fear and suspense with the presence of the organization.

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NDreams is attempting to achieve a deeper, darker thematic impact with its narrative. Encompassing two different characters, the story includes a variety of moral choices and somber moments that try to make you think about your decisions and actions. Tom Jubert, writer of FTL and The Swapper, is writing The Assembly's story.

VR is meant to increase the immersion and suspense imparted by the game's environments. The game has puzzles "designed specifically to leverage the enhanced visuals provided by VR," the developer explains, "with scenarios involving binoculars, microscopes, night vision goggles, interactive terminals, photography and physics."

The PS4's headset, Project Morpheus, was announced at GDC this year and is playable at E3. You can check out GameSpot's impressions of the GDC version of the device here, and we will have further previews of the E3 version later this week.

The Rift, the PC headset currently in development by Oculus VR, has been in development for almost two years. In recent months, Oculus has brought on several well-known engineers such as John Carmack, creator of the Doom franchise. In March, Oculus was purchased for $2 billion by Facebook.

In the past, nDreams has made several iOS games and elements included in PlayStation Home, from decorations and home spaces to alternate-reality games. This is their first large-scale traditional project on a console.

The developer announced that The Assembly will be available on the Rift and Morpheus launch dates, which are currently unknown. Keep an eye on GameSpot for more information and video as it becomes available.

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